Friday, October 17, 2014

Catching Up

I think I should go back and see where I was the last time I posted....

Ok.  So, it's been a little over a week which makes perfect sense.  I guess you're wondering what I've been up to?  The long and short is that we took a trip to FL to look at houses.  We had hoped, and thought, we would be able to find a transition home at around 100k.  Nothing big or fancy, but just maybe a townhouse with a small yard that needed a bit of work.  Something we could either flip or use as a rental later.  The point of buying over renting was that we hadn't been able to find ANYONE willing to rent to use with our 6 pets.  Even if we do end up rehoming two (they were abandoned by a neighbors renters), we would still have 4.  And most won't rent with even that many.  :/  SO, we talked it over and over and renting just kept looking worse and worse.  There was also the cost.  Renting a 2 or even 1 bedroom place was just crazy high.  The lowest being somewhere around $450 in a HORRIBLE area and then 2bd's being above what we would spend to buy.  A 3 was completely out of the question.  So, buying just kept coming back around.  We called the bank and got approval in about 15mins.  Good credit really does have it's advantages!  We started looking online right away and spoke with a Realtor.

We found a few places and all of them had their own goods and bads.  We found one spanking brand new one (not even finished so we would get to pick that!) but it just didn't appeal the way we thought it should.  It was smidge more than we wanted to pay, too.  But then we found this older one and really, REALLY liked it!  However, the owner isn't willing to be honest with themselves about the property.  It's old and dated.  They are in denial trying to get the same price for it as you would one that had been remodeled.  We put in a fair offer of 90k asking for up to 5k in closing.  They inherited the property, so in theory, they walk away with a clear 85k+.  They kept saying they had done 20k in upgrades in the last year.  Well, we couldn't find them if they did other than new kitchen cabinets!  They put in a counter, but it's a cheap laminate that was probably bought at Home Depot.  No problem with that except it isn't really our thing.  They wanted us to not only come up 5k, but also give up half of the closing costs AND do no repairs AND no home warranty AND nothing else out of their pockets.  Um.  NO.  We gave you a very clear cut offer that was competitive with the other properties.  Just NO.  Our Realtor is pissed with usand frankly, we don't care.  We told him when he put in the offer that this was our best offer for that property and we're not going to go back and forth.  If they had come back at 95k and left the closing costs, we might have considered.  But to split both in half?  NO.  We have a feeling he told them we would come up to 95k because that is what he recommended to us and kept pushing heavily.  We don't want to come up much simply because we did some research and from our own basic experience, it needs right at 20k in updates.  NOT counting the kitchen!  Just in paint, flooring, windows, doors, lighting, bathroom fixtures/vanities, system checks (like HVAC), clean up and demo.  And that is if WE do a lot of the work.  NO THANKS.

After mucho debate, we are now back to thinking that buying the brand spanking new home is our best option.  We WILL have to purge a bit to fit everything in that space, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  The main reason being that here we have that extra bedroom for our office and the family room.  I'm not sure where we would put everything.  I'm thinking our biggest issue will be the desk/office.  The garage will be purged way down just because we won't need a lot when we move.  So, most will either be sold or left here.  The play room is half of our workout stuff and since the newer place has a gym (built into the HOA fees), I'm not sure we would need to take our stuff -- have to check and see what all they have.  That leaves just the toy organizer things, the futon, and a chair from that room.  The futon can be sold.  I want to keep my chair, but if I had to let it go, I could.  The office is harder.  I can purge down the books some more and even the craft stuff, but I'm not sure what to do about a desk unless we put it in our bedroom.  :/  I hate that.  But not sure what else we can do.  The rest of the house has been purged down pretty far and we are in the mode of 'use stuff up' now as far as food goes.  I'm trying to really only buy fresh with just a few easy meal things here and there.  That way with each meal/snack we are using something out of the pantry or freezer.  I'm not always 100%, but we're working it down.  Slowly.  My item last night was creamed corn.  LOL  Yes, I know t can travel, but we have so much!  So, we've been trying to clean things out.  I do slip and end up over-buying now and then.  Not that it won't get used, but just that our storage is SO FULL!

Anyways, we keep thinking that the new house is new and will need nada so it is worth the extra money we will spend to get into it.  Although, the lack of extra space is a worry.  But we are thinking that if we can get a storage shed up, that would help a lot.  Plus, the new place is in the area we eventually want to be and a better school system.  I realize that isn't the end all be all, but it's nice to have a good school system.  It's just the getting the level of stuff down that is a concern.  I'm not sure where the Ikea storage system could go and how we could make it all fit.  Like the buffet we have in our dining room.  The dining area in that house is SO SMALL.  No room at all for the buffet and it is a vintage piece from my Granny's house.  I refuse to let it go.  I'm thinking maybe a few of the Ikea pieces downstairs for toys and then the rest in youngest's room since oldest already has a good system.  I'm not sure it would work.... The rooms aren't but a bit bigger than what they have now but the closets are for sure bigger.  I think by being open minded and willing to try things in new areas, I could get a decent layout.  Then there is what to do with the animals.  In the one house, they would have their own space (there is a sunroom).  Well, shared.  Since the sunroom would also be the kiddos play room.  UGH.  Going to talk it over with hubby some more today.  So many decisions...

That is really all of it.  I didn't do horrid food wise, but need to get myself in line today.  I've not gotten anything else done from being tired.  I'm just... I'm just sorta here right now and very behind on blogs, books, games, etc.  My poor house is invaded with fleas even with treating and all that so not sure where to go from here.  I'm thinking it's time for DE.  Animals won't like it, but not much choice.  Boring, eh?  Oh well, until later!

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  1. Hmm, I would have asked what upgrades they had done to the house that totaled twenty thousand, because I'd be too curious about it. Roof? Windows? What racked up to all that money? It's silly that the guy was mad at you if you were straight up with your offer. Why be mad that you two don't wanna get the shaft on the deal? It doesn't sound like the owners wanted to do anything for you at all, so it's just a bust. No reason to dance around about it.
    We had to get rid of a lot of stuff when we moved too. Plus, we'd already gotten rid of tons of things when we lost the house. Ah, well. It's kind of nice being able to let things go- even when you don't really want to. We definitely couldn't bring our big computer desk, so that went on the curb, and we bought a smaller compact desk off of amazon. I had to leave behind ALL the end tables (could only bring the coffee table), a bookshelf, the giant cat tree, some chairs, my big fireplace space heater... oh the list goes on. Our dining area is tiny as well, so my formal oak dining table sure as heck wouldn't fit. Thankfully, my aunt let me store it in her garage!
    I'm glad that I'm good with space management though, because it was tricky arranging everything here.
    I got my diatomaceous earth today, so I guess I'll be using it tomorrow on the dog, and the cat. I think I'll comb them both again using the flea comb, and a bowl of warm water with dawn dishsoap in it. When they dry off I'll dust them both with the dead sea creature dirt. Today I gave Lali yet another flea bath, and got maybe a dozen more fleas off of her, but I know there are still some left. We also washed all the bedding, and the folded comforter that the dog sleeps on. Ug. Damn these super fleas.


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