Monday, January 26, 2015

Bed Time

I should have my big butt in bed, but I am still up.  I just don't feel like I can go to sleep right now.  UGH.  I really should.  REALLY.  But here I am... blogging.  Bother.

Anyways, it's been a good few days.  I decided to go through the freezers and the pantries and see where I'm at.  And boy, am I really seeing a difference!  I realized today that you can actually SEE the bottom of my freezer!  NO JOKE!  Not going out to eat and not shopping like a mad person at Costco has been tough at times, but it's really worked out well.  We are finally getting into the core of the food.  One thing I will say, though, is that we have gone out to eat a few times.  But other than that, we've really been trucking through.  And then there are things that have been chucked.... I'm having a hard time with this one.  *sigh*

*SIGH!!!*  Seriously.  I'm a frugal gal by nature.  I like to spend money on things that are worth it to me, BUT I also like to save money when and where I can.  And my big thing lately has been a few different things.  One being selling things I don't need and then the next being getting a handle on food waste.  So, trust me when I say that it has been HARD on me letting some food go.  I know if I were anyone else, I would just chuck it or give it away and not think a thing of it.  But... it's hard.  I finally threw away some oranges that I just never used.  And some avocados that pretty much all of us forgot was there.   Then there was an entire bag of coffee beans.  UGH.  I felt SO bad doing that.  And now, now I'm considering throwing away a big huge batch of tea bags.  I got the tea free inside of a tea box.  The coffee was also free -- a gift from a lady online to 'pay it forward'.  Just to break it down and be honest, it was the worst coffee I think I've ever had.  The tea is just bland.  So... I'm thinking it's trash time.  Then there are some old taco shells (I didn't realize they went bad so fast!) and then other random condiments and things that were impulse buys.  I feel SO BAD throwing food away, but what else do you do with things that you can't feed your pets, can't give away, and can't use?  I feel bad.... but I have no other options.  I don't want to waste it, but I sure don't want to eat or drink it!  LOL

Thankfully, it's not been a huge amount wasted.  I was really mostly pissed about the avocados!  That was nearly $6!  I told the hubby NO MORE.  I'm not buying them anymore for a WHILE.  And then, only from Kroger and not Costco.  They seem to be better from Costco, but if I don't use them and throw them out, then that's a waste.  So, off the rotation they go.  I think this is the first time ever we've wasted that many. 

Back on point, we've made a dent in the freezers AND the pantries.  I emptied out more today and moved some stuff up.  I'm feeling so good about it, I mentioned to the hubby about going one more month to try to use up even more.  I would like to use everything out of the deep freezer up.  Then clean it out and have it ready to go when it's moving time.  It's the only appliance I plan on taking.  It's the one thing that is too expensive to replace, IMHO.  Truthfully, we feel like a house that is on the market with ALL of the appliances sells easier than an empty one.  It's what we did with our last house, too.  Plus... not knowing what we will do in the next place, no point in taking all of this when it was bought for this house.  But that deep freezer is going unless we get an offer for it.  Then maybe it'll stay!  ;)

We have done great on continuing to sell and declutter.  Lots of things sold.  Lots of things in the trash.  Lots of things taken to the donation location.  Then there has been a whole lot of working on projects.  However, my whole plan of focusing on one room at a time and finishing it just hasn't happened.  AT ALL.  Have I made some serious progress?  I believe so!  But not a single room is done, yet.  I has the sadz.  But... I'm working.  Every day a little more gets done.  I thought about it today and realized that there are 12 spaces that need to be done (not counting anything outside).  4 bedrooms, 2baths, a foyer and hallway plus the regular rooms and the family room.  I told the hubby that in order to be on track, I need to get about half of those done in the next week or so.  I'm not sure I can do it.  But I will update how things are in the next few days, if I have time. 

I have nothing to report on any other fronts.  I'm not really watching my food... I'm not really working out although I hurt all over from constant work.  I have been doing a few squats a day and I am going to be working my way up.  I am going to TRY to do more actual cardio this week to help manage stress.  My weight is right at the same number it has been. 

On more money saving topics. I decided that I just couldn't fathom spending $200 on getting my hair done.  Even if it was only 3 or 4 times a year!  That's still around $600 to $800 a year!  I can do it maybe twice, but other than that... I just can't bring myself to do that.  So, I cut and colored my own hair.  YUP.  My hair was LONG.  Almost to my rump.  And while I'm digging having long hair, I couldn't stand it THAT long.  So, I did the upside down ponytail method and took off about 4 inches.  It was fast, easy, and looks like a long layered cut!  Then I decided that I was over the whole ombre' look and I dyed my roots back dark brownish black and then the ends a dark red.  So, I still have some ombre', but it's red instead of just blonde.  I'm going to keep this for a bit, and then I plan on cutting another good sized chunk off.  When it's just on the tips, I will either do brown/black again or just cut it off.  We will see.  I've not had my hair done since the end of last year.  I am thinking I want to get in the habit of getting it done in April and maybe Sept./Oct.  But for now, I want to wait.  I am fine with how it is now, so we'll see how long this goes.  I have been cutting everyone else's hair for a while now, so it only made sense to do this.  I don't recommend it for everyone -- not everyone is comfy with having their hair not exactly perfect.  For me, I'm ok with it because it's just hair.  It's not fried or cut so short that I have no options.  It's like paint -- if I don't like it, I have more options.  And I know if I get in over my head, I just go see my stylist. 

I guess that is really all for now.  I really should hit the hay now that I've gotten a few things down and out of my head.  Maybe I will sleep now.  I need to sleep to be able to get things done.  But I have a headache now.  But off I go!  I will update when I can.  Maybe with pics.  :)  Sorry so rambly and well... boring.  That's just life right now for us!  It's not really boring, but it's boring to talk about.  until then!

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