Friday, April 3, 2015

A tickle and a cough...

Yup.  That's what I have today.  A weird tickle in the back of my throat, and a cough.  I had hoped that this was gone now that I'm on nose spray along with my regular allergy med.  But no such luck.  Nope.  Still this wicked tickle.  UGH.  I'll live, it's just annoying.  Thus why Spring is NOT my fave time of year.  I'm thankful for it, still.  Tickle and cough and all of the pollen, too.  Especially if it means the horrid cold is over!  LOL

Anyways, yesterday was pretty productive.  I had this list of things in mind to do, but the weather held so I wanted to take advantage.  I did do some laundry and ran the dishwasher, but I also spent my time finishing and installing the bathroom knobs.  I need to re-do one -- I dropped it on the tile floor while fighting with the stuff in the drawer!  I should've emptied it first which is what I did with the other drawers.  So, that is done.  I cleaned the run really well and filled in some holes along with smoothing the area along the back of the house.  I believe I have one bag of dirt left, and I'm going to use it to smooth random holes in the yard.  After I did that, I hauled 10 bags of the pea gravel to the run and smoothed those out.  We got 20 for it and the back bed, but I am thinking I am going to need all 20 for the run.  I may be able to stretch it a bit, but I don't want to go too far.  I want the pea gravel but I would also like some grass to come back.  I'm going for a garden look in the run.  :D

I also managed to get a FULL inventory of the freezer and the deep freezer.  We've done really well eating what we have, but writing it all down makes it real and lets us see how much we really have.  I also organized both spaces and moved what I needed and could upstairs for ready use.  I'm going to attempt to use up the hard to use stuff while hubby is here like the specialty meats.  The rest I can use whenever because I can make hamburgers or whatever.  Anyways, the list is on the counter and hubby and I both know that we are to mark things off as they are used.  I'll leave it as-is for now, but re-write it next month so it isn't a complete mess.  Not only does it make it obvious what we have, but it encourages me to eat something out of the freezer vs. just grabbing whatever.  We're trying to be really good about not wasting leftovers and food in general.  :)  I am eating out of the pantry and fresh, too.  Just trying to focus on the freezer more.  I don't want to waste pantry items, but lets face it... we can move those!  It's VERY hard to move freezer items.  We are eating them, though, because it would be a lot to move if we were moving the amount that was there back before Christmas.  The downstairs pantry has one empty shelf now and we've moved the crocks there since they are typically a seasonal thing for us.  The top of the bottom rack is empty except for spices.  You can see the floor!  We've even managed to go through most of our stockpiled drinks.  I keep moving them up so that we see them and use them.  Even the beer.  LOL

All in all, I feel like the 'No Buy' thing is working.  We do have slip ups or have to moments, but for the most part, I feel like we are saving a bunch just by not buying right now.  I hope we can hold out.  Saving money for our move and paying off debt and all of that has been work, but it's been good work.  Selling things and whatnot is really helping!  I sold two large things yesterday and made a return.  That's moola back in my pocket!  I need to do a rebate thing today and list a few more things.  And taxes.  Nope.  Still haven't done them!  OOPS.  I need to get that together today, too.  Especially since the weather is kinda yuck so it isn't like I can do much outside. 

I AM annoyed that we can't buy another place simply because the mortgage company considers hubby unemployed.  It kills me because he's not even going to go one week between jobs!  And he made a comment on our debt to income ratio being too high.  EXCUSE ME?  We have ONE car payment, the mortgage stuff, and then like less than 5k in credit card debt total!  THAT'S IT.  I did forget about the water softener thing.  I guess that counts against us, but we plan on paying that off when we sell the house unless it goes with us.  Right now, I am thinking our tax return may go to pay that off.  We will see.  I would just rather use that towards our down payment.  I kind of want to sock money away over the next two months as a little cushion.  I don't really want to get too thin, ya know?  We have a good med emergency fund, good retirement, and a small regular emergency fund.  I think I would like to beef that EF up.  Where we've been paying off debt, we've kept it pretty small.  Decisions decisions....

Anyways, not much else going on.  But really, what we have going on is enough!  But I need to get off of here and get going on my day.  I'm enjoying getting back to blogging more, but I'm not sure how long it will last.  Who knows what the next few weeks will be?

OH!  I forgot.  I did manage to track all of my food yesterday.  Weighed in this AM at 188.  :/  That's 12lbs. up from my average.  I hope some is bloat from work, but I don't think it is.  But no time like the present to get going, yes?  I don't want to let a little gain become a big gain.  And right now is a good time to get focused on something else so my brain doesn't explode.  OK, off I go!

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