Saturday, April 4, 2015

Driving me crazy...

That's what every one and every thing are doing today.  The dog is barking over every car and leaf.  The kids are fussing and being whiny with each other and me.  I can't get them to understand that I need them to stop it!  And now they are fussing over having to clean up.  I wish they would get that a home is a team effort and right now, it feels like I'm the one in the penalty box.  :/

 It's a bit chilly here, but at least it is sunny and not raining.  So, I am thinking it may be a good day to get a few things done.  Not maybe what I had really WANTED to do, but a few things anyways.  I had really wanted to finish my front door and clean my porch, but it's that sorta temp where it would be just cool enough to be uncomfortable.  I am hoping as the day wears on, it gets better.  I may attempt the door anyways.  LOL  The paint should dry fairly quick since it's not humid and not freezing.  I may try the painter hack of putting painter's tape on the weather seal so the door doesn't stick.  I also have to take the dog to the clinic later.  I hope they are open!  I would wait, but I need to be taking one when I can.  One has already gone.  I hope to knock the other one out this week and then maybe a couple of cats the next go around.  Slowly but surely.

Yesterday was pretty productive.  I got a coat on the front of the cabinet doors that are left.  I touched up all the trim in the kitchen and only have ONE area around the window left to do.  I finished the island.  I managed to do some laundry, too.  I also finally did our taxes.  I still have quite a bit to do total, but I am working on it slowly but surely, ya know?  I AM going to have to make a run to get some paint brushes.  I've either used or lost all of mine.  :/  So, I'm going to try to get some at the Dollar General.  I don't need good brushes -- I need spares.  Most of the trim and stuff is done, so I use these for clean up, rough painting, and touch-ups.  Usually I can rinse and re-use, but many of my brushes are old and I know that once we move, I will have to suck it up and buy new.  I think a lot of our tools are due to be replaced.  We've already had to replace a couple of things.  One being our drill.  Another our jig saw.  If we do another remodel, we will need a new tile saw.  I'm thinking that when we really get to packing the garage, a lot of the stuff will be trashed.  I went through some stuff the other day and chucked a bunch.  I KNOW there will be more.

Anyways, I got a lot done and I'm pleased.  I also got more gravel in the run, but I think I will need the rest of the bags we have.  It's a bummer, but it is what it is.  I will just have to get more.  Nothing else for it.  I cleaned out the carport pretty well, too.  Storms were expected, so I wanted to protect my car.  I tried not to over do anything and today, I feel ok.  I'm a bit groggy from staying up too late, but I don't have that leaded feeling I was having before.  So, hopefully that is a good sign.

On another good note, I did a peek at my weight this AM and saw 186.  That is a good sign!  I'm not going to get too excited, but I'll take it.  It's going the right direction.  Even if it is only water weight.  I think that tracking not only helps with food, but it reminds me to drink more water.  I think I may have been drinking too much coffee.  I love it, but too much is too much.  So, I'm happy to be seeing a downward trend.  I have no big loss goals, I just don't want to see it creeping up.  With everything going on, I really did let it get out of hand.  I realize it's not a huge gain.  But it's a boundary to keep it from getting that way.  I told my Mom about the gain and she was like, you only gained like 11.5lbs!  It's not like you gained 50 and ignored it!  She's right, of course.  It was really only 11.5.  And it's not the end of the world.  I did ignore it, in a way, but I'm getting back in gear now.  I want to keep with my trend of losing for the year since I still have a cushion to lose.  Last year was more maintenance.  I want to lose this year.  Even if it's only 10lbs!  That would really be 20 since I need to lose the 10 I've gained over the last few months.  From there, my original goal is only another 10 to 20lbs.  I'm not sure if that is my goal anymore.  I'm not sure what my goal IS other than get back in MY version of skinny pants!  My size 12's.  LOL

So, things are going along.  Not fast, not sitting still.  Just going along.  I'm happy with that and thankful for the lack of craziness right now.  We are busy, but not in a way that isn't liveable.  Off I go for now to get some stuff done.  I think I will go ahead and paint the door....  ;)

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