Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 1

So, I've been adding it up this morning, and including today, we have 38 days until the last day of school.  Day 39, is the 2hr. day, but we never do the 2hr. days.  Oldest always intends to, but then it's 'NAH!' at the last minute.  LOL  A child of my own heart!  HA!

Today is also day 1 of hubby being gone.  He starts his new job on Monday.  He meant to leave yesterday, but it just didn't work out.  He just had TOO MUCH to do.  There are still a few things not done, but nothing major.  Nothing to keep the house from going on the market.  As I said, I still have a ton to do, but there is no rush.  God has a plan, so I'm just going to go with it and not panic. 

This morning was hard, though.  I never though that my husband would be so upset to go.  You'd think we were getting a divorce the way everyone acted!  I kept saying to him and the kiddos that this was just a step toward the next thing and to not be sad!  It was going to be a little hard and trying at times, but it's just what we've got to do right now.  Hubby needs to work and get a couple of paychecks to show proof of income.  Kiddos need to finish the school year.  Mommy needs to get the rest of the house packed, organized, and cleaned along with some projects finished up.  Plus... there's this whole selling the house thing.  LOL 

All in all, I'm feeling ok.  I know I have a lot to do, but I also realize that I have gotten the bulk done and the stuff I need to do now isn't going to be as bad with all of that other done.  I just have to get it done.  I think over this period of time, I am going to try to set aside some time for myself each day.  I need to get back to doing something to deal with my stress.  I was doing well on food for about four days and then... things got nutty.  Between working like crazy and PMS, I got out of habit again.  So, back to it today.  Part of my frustration with MFP is that every day of that four days I tracked, it kept saying I had only a one day streak.  Uhhh... that should be FOUR.  I know in the grand scheme it isn't important, but knowing I was doing it and it wasn't giving me the credit ticked me off a wee bit.  It actually helps me to stay on track signing in and seeing that I have been right where I should be for days.  I always think, "I should make a good choice -- I've done well for XYZ days, so I should keep that going!"  Maybe I will do it based on my countdown for the end of school.  LOL

I'm having a hard time right now not chopping off my hair.  It is driving me CRAZY.  It doesn't help that I have this dry patch thing on my back that my hair keeps getting caught in.  I think once  our new insurance kicks in, I may go to the derm and have it removed.  I wish I could remember what it is called...  Anyways, my Mom gets them, too.  Hers are much worse!  She won't have them removed for some reason.  Says she is too self conscious to go somewhere.  I'm like, they're docs -- they've seen it all!  She still won't go.  Not me.  I'm going!  I might as well have a few skin tabs removed while I'm there.  I had a bunch removed years ago when my PCOS was really flared up.  I don't really have any new ones, but there were a couple not removed at the time and I think it would be nice to have those gone, too.  AH!  I just looked it up and the name is Keratosis.  Mine is the Seborrheic kind.  Normally it doesn't bother me, but my hair got wrapped around it and well... now it hurts.  It basically ripped it halfway up.  Now I notice every single time I shower that the hair gets caught in it and it hurts.  So, time to go.

UGH.  Youngest just literally threw his Kindle down.  I'm done.  It's GONE.  No more Kindle for him!  So glad we have those BOB covers or it would be broken now.  He got a spanking AND is in the corner because he has been warned over and over about it.  I know that playing these games is frustrating, but you do NOT throw the Kindle down like that!  I know I've gotten frustrated and smacked it on the couch, but the couch is soft and I try REALLY hard to not get to that point.  I just try to walk away when I am frustrated or change games or read or something.  I am trying to lead by example.  But they get mad and keep on and on and on then throw things.  I have no idea where that behavior has come from, but I am NOT going to put up with that today or any other day.  If he wants it back, he will have to earn it.  No joke.  Normally I wouldn't spank, but I mean business.  Time outs work ok for most things, but we've done that several times to no avail.  Butt busting time.  I always save that for the most severe stuff.  Needless to say, they don't get spankings often.  I'm thankful.  I dislike the spanking as much as they do.

On to other things!  I wanted to mention that after resting yesterday, I feel much better today.  We did do a few things together, but I mostly took it easy.  I hope hubby has an easy drive down and gets to relax tonight.  I hate that he didn't get to go yesterday, but I sorta knew that was what would happen.  He said he did, too, and that is why he said he was leaving yesterday so that he really had an extra day.  Because he was afraid he wouldn't have left at all if he'd planned Sunday.  Smart man!

Well, I guess that is all for now.  I think I'm going to go get a workout in and then decide what to do with my day.  Time out is over and kiddo isn't happy, but he's been told he has to EARN his Kindle back.  *sigh*  The life of a parent. 

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