Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hit the Wall

I've hit my wall of exhaustion.  Since Thursday, I've not fptlt able to do much because I am just so worn out.  I took Thursday off to visit with my parents and rest after I spent most of the morning cleaning.  Friday we did a few odds and ends and celebrated hubby starting his new job Monday.  Today (which is Saturday), I've mostly slept!  No joke.  I've held down the couch and slept.  I TRIED to do a few things, but I was just too tired.  My brain is mush and my body aches.  I'm typing this at nearly 8PM because I've had a nap and a big cup of coffee!  Press coffee.... YUM!

Anyways, we've gotten so much done, but I am so tired.  Hubby and I have had a little tiff one day because he made a comment about being and going since 6AM.  Well, he knows I'm not a morning person!  He also knows that while he was on night shift (which he admitted he did NOTHING on but sit in his office!), I busted out a TON of projects.  It doesn't matter when it's done but that it gets done!  He usually quits working around 7PM and I am usually going until around 10.  SO, in the end, it balances out.  Either way, it was a quick tiff and over.  He realizes I've been doing a ton and it's all detail stuff and takes for freakin' ever. He was just in a huffy mood and tired himself.  It happens.

We've definitely gotten a lot done, though.  I have some painting and stuff to finish.  Mostly I need to finish packing, cleaning, and staging.  I already did quite a bit, but I will need to get back to it tomorrow.  I am going to start with doing some work outside, I think.  I need to mow.  I am going to probably have to hire someone to do all of the weed eating and edging, but I can do the basic mow.  I hope...  I'm going to try anyways.  If I can't, I'll go from there.

I guess that is all I feel like talking about now.  I need to eat and relax so that maybe tomorrow, I will feel less like garbage.  One last thing... food has been horrible.  I've not tracked at all.  I have just felt like I was starving!  I know that part of it is the insane amount of work, but part of it is also that I should start my cycle soon.  I always seem so hungry right before! I will get back on track. 

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