Friday, October 16, 2015

Trying to decide

I thought of one more thing to talk about.

I mentioned that I was thinking of trading my car but I hadn't yet.  Here's the thinking.  My car is over 6yrs old, but the trade in value on it is still REALLY good.  We only owe 1/3 of what they offered us for trade.  So, we were thinking it was a better idea to trade than pay off.  Ok, I was thinking that.  Hubby thinks we should drain a few of our accounts and pay it off.  Aka, retirement accounts or HSA accounts.  Uh. NO.  Because then we are out of that money, the interest on that money, and then we STILL have to pay to register said vehicle!  Which is pricey!  So, I'm thinking it is better to use the equity in the car to get something that is a few years newer, still under warranty, and will get us a lower payment. 

Here's the catch -- I'm having a hard time trying to find something decent.  UGH.  I know cars are pricey.  I know I have expensive taste.  But I also know that buying a 'nicer' car pays off in the end.  They tend to have higher trade in later and are in higher demand.  And if you are paying a big down payment, it just makes sense.  Because in a few years when you go to trade again, more than likely you aren't upside down. 

While I am not a fan of debt, realistically, I know that we probably won't ever go without it.  I can't see us ever not having some type of car payment.  I wish that weren't true, but I just don't know how it could be.  You see, I get nervous with older cars.  They just scare me for fear of being torn up.  I'm not sure why that is such a worry for me because heaven knows that new ones can tear up, too!  The thing is, we've gotten great rates and had good down payments, so we haven't been upside down, yet.  It's worked well for us.  So, we haven't really paid a ton to interest or anything.  And right now, if we had the cash, I think I would feel differently about paying off the car and just keeping it.  I know it's a good idea... but we just don't have it without dipping into something else.  I guess we should have paid that off right away.  I just thought that we would be trading anyways so might as well wait.  UGH. 

Now I don't know what to do.  I thought of getting something much smaller but hubby doesn't seem to like going too small.  But I feel like now is a good time.  Kids aren't in any big seats or need strollers.  But they aren't big yet, either so we don't need all of that extra space.  We don't have a lot of friends/family down here, so we don't really need to haul anyone.  It just seems like a good time.... I just can't decide.  I know I need to, though.  We need to cut this last thing soon.  Christmas is already going to be REALLY tight.

Ok, that really is all for now.  I need to get going and do the things that I should be doing to prep for tomorrow.  Although, my brain is running a bit high now so... I don't know.  Video games, maybe?

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