Monday, October 19, 2015

Update and Plans

So, I know it's time for a little update about what has been going on.  Really, it's late and I should be in bed, but I think I will feel better going ahead and getting this together.  I'm not sure why I blog really, anymore.  It really HAS become an online diary vs. anything useful.  I'm sorry for that.  I'm not sure what to do to change that or how to talk to other people.  All the blogs I loved are gone... all the folks that use to read seem to be gone.  I'm not really sure anyone is reading anymore. I think this is more for my head than anything...

Anyways, after much debate, we traded our car in for one that is 4yrs. newer and had VERY low mileage.  We got a good price for our trade and for the new car.  Our payments didn't go down as much as we had hoped, but they went down about $75 which will be enough.  We LOVE the new little SUV!  It's sporty and fun.  :D

My Mom was annoyed.  But... I can't live financially for what they would do.  We knew we needed to get something else and get our payments down.  We knew that if we were going to do it, might as well make it worth our while.  And we knew that long term, it was something we could live with.  If we had cash to pay the car off, that would be fine, but all we had was what we had -- accounts we weren't willing to touch.  So this was our best option.  And WE are happy with our decision.  I think sometimes my Mom just lives in fear.  Did we add to our debt total?  Yes.  But we lightened our monthly load.  We did get the extended warranty after doing some research and decided it was the best option for us.  Especially if we decide to keep the car for when our oldest learns to drive.  We did decide not to get cash back, though.  That was so we could get the lowest payment, a good warranty, and all of that.  But that does mean that we don't have a payment until Dec.  Which is nice.  And that also means that the money from the payoff that is leftover comes back to us to go to savings/debt.  Plus the money in the old account that we had left for payments will be moved over to savings/debt.  I'm thinking all savings... especially with Christmas right around the bend!  With all of the other adjustments, I'm hoping this means we will be able to pay a bit extra every month on the card.  I am also thinking if we get any taxes back, it will go towards that debt, too.  I would like to pay it off in the next year, but it will probably be longer unless something changes.  If we are able to move the debt, we will have about 18mos. at 0% and that would be great.  But even then, I don't think we can get it paid off.  Maybe 3yrs. 

UGH.  3yrs. is a LONG time to be working on paying off ONE credit card with moving expenses.  Stupid me.  I should've known better.  :/

I guess the only thing we can do now is do it.  We were SO close to being debt free other than home and car.  But nothing to do for it now but pay it, ya know?  It took FOREVER to pay off the one and then we were like woot!  Then this move... I'm not sure why THIS debt bothers me more than anything.  I mean, I know if it were say, a home equity line of credit, I wouldn't feel this way at all.  I think I feel this way simply because of the description of CC.  And right now it hurts because of the interest.  I just need to let it go and get over it and view it as we intended and move on.  If it was anything else, I wouldn't be fretting so I need to just stop it. 

So, that is the gist of what has been going on.  Not much else has been accomplished, but that is just how it is sometimes.  I DO know that the majority of my time is going to start going into knocking out some things around this house.  There is a TON of cleaning and demo and small projects that I could be working on free or cheap.  And that is what I need to focus on now vs. ONE fairly small debt.  Stripping wall paper and pulling out old stuff costs me ZERO.  And it all needs to be done!  And we can't afford a dumpster, so taking it out in small batches that will fit in our can is also budget friendly.  If I can demo it and clean it, then it will be ready to go when we have the cash to do more.  So, that is my goal.  My only goals as far as projects.  Free or cheap. 

I'll talk about that in the next post!  G'night!

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