Monday, November 30, 2015


I'm starting to think that I am journaling vs. blogging.  So, I may just end this blog.  I keep thinking I want to move it to something else, but I really think that in the end, I would revert to this.  I would keep going back to emotions vs. writing about what I am doing.  Am I doing a lot these days?  Yes.  I'm a different part of my life now.  And the ol' blog here has fallen to the way side.  I keep thinking of different things I could blog.  I keep thinking I can do this.  But... I don't know that I can, or that I want to.  I don't think that I'm a good writer.  So... I think it may be time to just call it an end.  Will I stay away?  I don't know.  I think I will leave this here for a while to decide.  I also have realized that I need to somehow print these out to keep.  I don't see the point in not printing them.  But, I've tried to print them before to no avail.  If I can, I'll do that.  If not, I will need to retype and print.  Then I will self bind to keep.  I think I want to get all of my old journals and blogs in line.  Because they really have been like my journals. 

Is this goodbye?  For now.  Yes.  Maybe forever.  I'm not sure.  Maybe I'll make a new blog and will really make it have a point and leave out the personal stuff.  I'm not sure.  If I keep this blog or make a new one, I will need fresh direction.  I just don't know right now what I am doing.  So, it's time for a break.  Maybe for the entire month of December.  Maybe at the first of the year, we will see.

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  1. Hey Jewl, I am sad that you are gone. I am sorry i have been absent lately. I come and go when it comes to blogging. Sometime, I stay away for months, and sometime I write weekly. I started this journey to keep track about what I was eating, and it eventually lead me to talking about my life and sharing my emotions. And for some reason, I just kept going on with it.

    I am sad to see that you have left. From your last entry, it seems things are quite difficult for you right now. My heart goes out to you. Looking for a job, dealing with spouces friends, taking care of your kids, and handling with the up and down of life... it is all very difficult task. I hope you have found a way to stay strong and let out your emotion. I hope you have find some way... I will be here. I will check your blog from time to time to see maybe someday you will come back. But if anything, I am glad I have met you. I wanted to come here wishing you a happy holiday. Wherever you are, I hope this holiday season find you well. I hope you get that job you were looking for and bring in a nice income to help out your husband. It is hard. But you can get through this Jewlz. You can do it.


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