Sunday, February 19, 2012

2/19 Weigh-In

Oh scale... HOW you TEASE!!!  I saw 191.5 and then it flashed to 192.  Which means, I'm between the two numbers.  But since my scale only does half pounds, well, it rounds up.  AARGH!  But no matter -- I'm happy.  I'm down a pound from last week and a half a pound from my lowest back in January.  I DO wish it had been the 191.5, but I will deal.  I will be happy with any loss!  I just hope I can keep going on this positive track and see a good loss again next Sunday and finish the month out on a good note.  :)  I know it doesn't seem like much, but over time all these little losses catch up.  I could probably cut some more and finally get to working out and lose faster, but at least I'm losing.  Progress.  :)   :)   :)  Even one pound a week adds up.  Heck, even half a pound.  But I'd much prefer the pound a week.  LOL

Today is weigh-in day and Sunday, so that means it's cheat day for me.  But it's also my anniversary!  We've been married 12yrs.  Together 13.  Sorta unreal to me.  We got married 'young' and I honestly don't think a lot of people thought we'd make it.  I didn't think we were that young, but a lot of people did.  We'd both lived out on our own and were pretty independent.  Then we got married, moved out of state, and bought our first house at like, 21 or 22.  And now here we are.  Amazing.  Seems like it's been forever and just yesterday all at once!  Hubby is working today, so we aren't really celebrating until next weekend.  Although when baby got up this AM we both got up and he leaned over, kissed me, and said, 'Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart.'  That's really all I wanted.  He is SO sweet!

Anyways, we aren't really doing anything to celebrate today.  So, I've decided that since my weight loss is behind by 3.5lbs. for the month that I'm not doing a whole cheat day either.  I'm just going to have a cheat meal.  That meal being dinner and that cheat being our fave pizza place!  I wish we could go out, but it's not going to happen tonight.  But that's ok.  This place is local and one of our faves and we don't get it often (its small, family owned, but fairly high in price).  So, we are excited to have it.  Maybe we can go out... we will see...  Not sure about doing dessert... hadn't thought of it until now!  :O  Maybe I should MAKE a dessert.... I don't know... guess we will see.  I'm not sure what I would make.  I'm on an ice cream kick right now, so I've been eating the low sugar kind with a drizzle of chocolate.  Honestly, that still sounds good!  Maybe I'll just do that.  I know hubby won't object -- he LOVES ice cream!  LOL  Anyways, I just think that taking the whole day off just isn't worth it right now.  Plus, I don't enjoy it like I use to back in the beginning.  Pretty much everything I want, I've found a way to fit into my low cal life.  Even pizza.  Lean Cuisine makes these little personal pan pizzas that I just love.  The only reason I even want the regular is just because it's different.  It's not even like other pizzas from like Domino's or Pizza Hut.  It's hard to explain... hmmm... we could even get that new place... it's pretty good, too!  Decisions decisions.... either way, it's pizza tonight unless the hubbs changes his mind.  Knowing him, he'll end up wanting Chinese or something!  We're sometimes on the same wavelength, but who knows...

Well, not going to make this horrendously long.  I need to get to doing a few things and then I need to get to lunch.  I mostly want to do a few odds and ends today since yesterday I spent over THREE HOURS cleaning the downstairs.  You read that right.  THREE HOURS.  Most of the time I don't mind having friends over and letting the kids go downstairs and just PLAY.  But this was unreal.  And I mean it when I say that her kids are not welcome at my home again until they learn some manners.  No, I'm not a hardass.  They DESTROYED downstairs.  Not only was every single bin dumped out (I have the Trofast system from Ikea which for us has around 16 or so bins), but things are broken, ruined, and lost.  We had 24 containers of playdough before -- I had to throw away about 20.  They were either smeared on something, dried out, or shoved into something and I couldn't pry it out.  My curtain rods were ruined from where someone had hung on them and bent them in half.  There's a hole the size of a half dollar in my wall plus numerous scratches, gouges and other marks.  I only have a handful of Nerf darts left as they chewed off the tips.  Puzzle pieces are so chewed, they no longer fit together.  Then there was trash everywhere and did I mention gum?  Yeah, I was cleaning gum off of crap, too.  AND she didn't make them clean up before they left claiming she was 'tired' and had to go but that she would clean it up when she sat for us the following weekend.  She didn't.  I don't know if she forgot or what.  But either way, I hate to be mean but she is for sure going to NOT bring those kids back here until she teaches them some manners!!  Mainly, treat things nicely and clean up after yourself.  They aren't babies and the sooner she learns that the better off she will be.  Oh.  And the marbles... I still haven't found them all but they had used them plus playdough to shove into every nook they could.  I feel evil towards those kids now.  I know kids will be kids, but there is a point where kids need their little asses busted.  I don't allow my oldest to do that and I won't allow it with my youngest either if I can help it at all.  But I can tell you that these kids didn't just do a few things, they purposely set out to ruin things.  I STILL didn't finish it all yesterday, but I knocked out most of it.  I have a feeling when I can get back down there, I will find more stuff.  But today isn't the day.  I need to get to the things today that I didn't get to yesterday.  I really should run to the store and get some lightbulbs.  I don't know how, but we've burnt through all of our bulbs.  I may get online and see if I can just buy a big lot of them cheap.  LED bulbs are pretty expensive and for many of our lights that are on a lot, I'd rather have them.  I also need to buy other random bulbs.... guess I will check it out and see.

OK, I am off.  Later ladies and hope your weekend has faired well.


  1. Hey, early congratz on your weight lost :)
    I hope you have a wonderful day today ^-^

  2. Happy anniversary! And so awesome your weight is going down! Pizza is always the best on cheat days! That's usually what I eat too! Yum yum. Have fun,and congrats on the weight getting on track!

  3. Happy anniversary! Enjoy the pizza!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. You gave me great advice, and I know it will help me :)


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