Sunday, February 12, 2012

Here or there...

So, I thought I'd start my day off with a blog but I wasn't sure if I wanted to write here or on Tumblr.  And after thinking it over and over again, I'm pretty sure I'm just going to stay on here.  I mean, so far I've been here for years and I weigh less now that what I have since the first couple of years of my marriage, but I STILL have a long ways to go.  And honestly, I've never been booted off of here for writing about non-weight stuff because I do mostly write about that.  And in some way, all this other emotional stuff always comes back to that, so in the end I just stay here because here is what is relevant to me now.  And like Susana said, I'd like to pass on what I've learned and what I'm doing and try to be a support to others.  And besides... can't mess up Unskinny Girl's routine!  LOL  I love that someone else out there is like that!  Oh, and Susana, if you could, please leave me your link in the comments so I can follow your blog if I'm not already!  Some of the blogs on here don't show the names, so I'm not sure who all I'm following/commenting on.  LOL

Ok, so on to the weight stuff.  I had another unsuccessful day of working out.  I didn't work out yesterday and I didn't work out the entire week.  Not giving up like I said before, but I am going to have to find a way to force something to fit in sometime.  Date night was FUN even if it wasn't what we had planned.  However, it was for sure productive because we got some stuff for oldest since he's growing like a weed, got their Valentine's stuff, AND we picked out and made decisions on several house things.  FUN!  I always like feeling productive.  I know, it was date night but town was PACKED.  I think everyone in K-town was out and about doing the Valentine's thing over the weekend.  Which meant we didn't really do ours.  Which is fine -- we'll go when hubby is on his 7 days again.  I'd rather do that anyways.  It was just too busy to really be enjoyed.  So, we did the opposite of what everyone else was doing, and that was AWESOME!  We didn't eat too horribly AND we did a lot of walking.  :)

My weight this AM was 194.5.  I totally expected that.  I had salty food, tons of walking, and I know I went over my cals.  I'm sure I'm a bit over today as well, but not sure.  Morning snack and breakfast were good, but lunch was not!  Hot fries, sour cream, and a small slice of pizza!  :O  But so good and cleared out more leftovers.  Dinner will be good and no dessert tonight as I need to get to bed earlier since the last two nights have been late.  And as soon as I get back from picking up oldest, I'll be back drinking more water.  Don't really want to drink too much now and have to stop to pee.  LOL  Well, gotta get going.  Hope everyone has had a good weekend -- here's to a GREAT week for all of us!!!!

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  1. Ahahaha thanks so much for not messing up my routine,that is much appreciated! Lol glad your doing well and workin out!!!! I haven't been the best this weekend. Hoping for a decent weigh in tomorrow!!!!!


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