Saturday, February 11, 2012


Not talking about poop for once, either.  LMAO!  Nope, talking about how many of the regulars here are opening blogs in other locations.  I have one on tumblr, but I haven't been using it, yet.  I may start posting there more often if people keep leaving here.  I hate to say that as I am one of the ones who hates to try to keep up with all of the separate blogs.  For me, that is a large part of the appeal of this site -- everyone is all in one place.  But if people keep leaving... well... I'm not sure what the point of staying would be.  Even though I've stayed here already for a LONG time.  Much longer than most folks.  I mostly want the other blog for more of the other side of life like crafting and whatnot, but I haven't even done that.  It's got just a couple of posts since summer.  Yeah, I suck at life blogging.  But weightloss blogging... Yeah, I can rock that!  Probably because it's what I know and what I'm familiar with.  I tend to be VERY routine at times.  I guess you've probably noticed that somewhat.

Oh, and on the poop front, I do seem to have become regular there again, too!  YAY!  I did my weigh-in this AM since we have our date night tonight and I was 193 flat.  And that is WITH my period!  Another YAY!  I am HOPING this means that once my cycle is done, my weight will go down a bit more.  I saw 192.5 first, then 193 so you know I took the higher.  I always do.  So, I am down 0.5 for the week.  I'll take it after the struggles of the last two weeks!  I really do believe something was going on with my body and it was just off track.  Why else would I have felt so off and been constipated?  But I am hoping that has all passed now and things will get back on track.  I've not been hard core dieting, but I've been very aware of what I was putting in my mouth.  I also haven't been working out.  I'm still trying to figure it out in my schedule.  One month I'm gung ho about it and ready to go and set a schedule.  Then I get busy and do whatever and forget about it or set it on the backburner.  I don't know why it's easier for me to watch my diet than to do exercise.  Bleh.  I think I am just not a formal exerciser.  I want to at least get in the toning if nothing else, but so far I've not even done that very much.  The hubby feels the same.  Our schedule literally shifts so much from day to day that a routine is just about impossible.  You see, most people's schedules are week to week and even that is mostly the same.  Ours is the same on a monthly basis and even though it's scheduled, it's still different week to week.  Cause the schedule is a rotating 28 days but many months have 30 or 31.  Except this month!  And wow, it's LEAP YEAR this year!  :D  LOL  Anyways, it just makes it hard to have a schedule during the week when there is never any kind of routine.  And I'm a routine kinda gal!  I'd say that is one of my biggest issues.  When I was working out steadily before, I was on a set schedule.  If it hadn't been for that, I don't think I would've done it.  And I'm just not flexible like that.  GAH!  I really am my Mom.  She doesn't like change and has a way of doing things.  I never really realized just how much I'm like that until now.  Thinking about my day, I literally do the same things day in and day out.  And any change in my routine (that I didn't specifically set out to do) throws my entire day off.  And sometimes my whole week.  I'm not sure why that is... and right now, my schedule completely revolves around my kids and husband.  I almost feel like by the time I get up and do my stuff in the AM and get the kiddos situated that I barely have time to do this and FB before it's time to do everything else.  Could I cut down my time on here and on FB and checking email?  I could... but it's the only time I really get online and do that stuff.  I may get on for a bit in the afternoon and before bed, but both of those times tend to be fast and only to check on stuff... like some books I'm buying from one of the groups on FB.  So that is only at a few minutes and even then, many times I don't because I'm busy or I'm spending time with the hubbs.  The AM is my pute time.  I'm just not willing to give it up.  But maybe I could reduce it some...

Well, it's now 9:20 so I need to tie this up.  Lots to do today!  Then... DATE NIGHT!!!  WOOT!  Hope everyone is having a great start to their day.  We started out with snow, but now it's gone.  :(  Sure would be nice to get enough snow to take oldest sledding.  But oh well, what can ya do?  Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. Are we secretly the same person?! Haha I'm also extremely routine,if anything different gets thrown my way,I do not handle it well! The hubs and I are also having date night tonight! AND.... I was down this morning 235!!!!! That is almost 3 pounds down,and
    My period isn't fully done yet! Woot woot! You better not switch to a different blog site! I'm routine,remember? I'm always here and generally blog everyday! I look forward especially to reading your blogs,since apparently I am reading about myself! Lol Congrats on your weight going down. Maybe we're both finally through our slump!!!!

  2. Don't leave! I suppose people who open blogs somewhere else are looking for a more general readership and will not write only about their weightloss. Maybe it is part of the process to them, once most of their weight is gone. But considering how slow my weight loss is, I suppose I have many months to stick around, and even after I get THERE, I would like to be part of 3chicks maintaining and help others go through their transformations. You WILL stay, won't you?

  3. I switch back and forth with mine, only because I totally LOVE the group we got going on here in 3fc :)

    Have fun at Date night! <3


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