Monday, February 13, 2012

Not as planned.

Well, last night did NOT go as planned, but it was still a pretty good night!  I ended up staying up way later than I had planned and I did eat some candy for dessert.  I only meant to eat 5 pieces, but I ate 7.  5 Tootsie rolls and 2 fruit rolls.  Probably not horrid and probably very close to cals, but still, cals I didn't need.  BLEH.  I should've just said no.  Dinner was leftover spaghetti and I didn't eat it all.  BUT, I got to watch one of my chick flicks that has been in my queue for like, forever.  It was about 3hrs., so it wasn't something I would subject my hubby to.  I may watch another tonight.  One was a mini-series and I watched it while he was off when younger was napping and he and oldest were doing whatever.  It's been nice to relax and watch a couple of the historical shows I have been wanting to see.  Made me pretty darn happy!  I probably wouldn't have eaten the candy, though, if I had just gone on to bed.  But all I ate was that and the spaghetti.  So, at least no other snacking!  But if I want to lose, my food needs to be better than what it was yesterday!  Too many CARBS!  So, today I am going to focus on eating more proteins and veg/fruit.  I don't consider carbs bad, but I have had too many the last couple of days.  Mostly in the form of leftovers.  The leftovers are gone now, so the rest of the week should be easier.  I know I should just NOT eat the leftovers, but I always feel so guilty about wasting them.  When hubby wasn't dieting, it was easier because he just always ate it.  But now that he is watching his food, he doesn't eat as many of them either.  I try to eat them so they don't go in the trash, but I also try to eat them with other things like with veggies, fruit or something.  But yesterday, I didn't.  BAD GIRL!

I am hoping that this week won't be too nutty.  Last week was quite busy and had tons going on.  I do need to help oldest finish a project and work on schoolwork, but we got a lot done over the weekend -- like most of the project, his Valentine's, and part of his reading.  Yes, he's reading already.  :O  Anyways, we need to read again tonight and finish his project, then start making a list of things to go on his next project.  It's an 'All About Me' poster for when he is 'Student of the Week'.  It's not due for about another month, but I'd rather start getting it together now and get it done than to wait until the last minute.  He had to do something similar in Pre-K, so we already have a good idea about what to do.  He just needs to pick things out.  Like, I know he will want red on there and his pets... so yeah.  Fun!  The V-day party is this week, but they said no parents were needed.  I'm relieved.  I think it's silly to make such a big deal out of every little holiday.  I think it's nice to do something little and fun, but a huge party every month is just too much.  And the first half of the year is sorta like that with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas.  I helped out with Halloween and Thanksgiving, but couldn't with Christmas.  But still... I'm relieved V-day isn't going to be a huge to-do.

My point is, not a lot going on this week right now and today so far is good.  I do need to do bills and some housework (as usual!) but nothing big.  I'm sure stuff will come up, but they always do.  But for now, I'm enjoying the peace!  I am thinking I need to have a couple of days closer to 1400 cals. since I had two days that weren't so great.  Although, one of those days was very busy and yesterday wasn't too horrid in the cal dept... so I don't want to mess myself up by going too low.  My weight was still 194.5 this AM, but now that my cycle has come to an end I am hoping that it will be going down.  I really hope that at my next weigh-in, I am at 192 or below.  That would be awesome!  And that is my little goal.  LOL  I really want to see the 180's by the end of this month.

Ok, well, I need to get off of here and get to doing something besides sitting on the pute.  Like, get dressed and clean my kitchen!  LOL


  1. Oh I hate wasting food too! Although my hubby works construction,and does not watch what he eats. So thankfully,he usually takes leftovers for lunch. I generally try to make just enough for supper,so there aren't many left overs. As I usually spend my Sunday's making buns,or other goodies for him to take to work. But If there are left overs,he certainly takes them . The WORST is at work. I work in a house,where I take care of a man living with cerebral palsy. There are often left overs from dinner the night before. I always want to eat left over pasta! I havent been doing it,but it always tempts me! That's why I pack a lunch now! Now,to reply to your blog comment. I have an iPhone,I have certainly considered downloading some calorie counting app. Theoretically,that's what weight watchers points are,just simplified, I've been trying to watch the bread intake,and I havent really slipped on that. I don't know what's going on! I just need to keep plugging along! Now that I have written you an epic novel of a blog comment, lol . Keep up the good work! Eventually we must see the fruits of our labour!

  2. I'm with you guys, I haaaaate wasting food! I ate red meat THREE days in a row last week (Something I was working on cutting out of my diet entirely) just because I had steaks that were sitting in the freezer dangerously close to going bad. Sometimes, on rare occasions, being frugal has to out weigh sticking to all my diet preferences!

    Usually when something like that happens, I opt to make many meals out of it. I ate small portions and just loaded up on good foods like two types of veggies with the not so great food.

    The thing about high calorie/carb foods for me is I have to eat such a small amount to stay within my calorie range... So I generally end up avoid those types of foods like the plague. Since you are responsible for feeding two young ins, I can only imagine how difficult it is to do that! I don't have any kids but I know how picky my younger sisters were when it came to dinner time. Major props for being able to create dishes that your family will eat while also eating healthier! (:

  3. the splurge on the sweets ain that bad, as long as you don't do it everyday I would say! lol

    BTW I did try putting some garlic on my naan pizza it was awesome! thanks for the suggestion!


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