Monday, May 21, 2012


I guess I'm slacking already.  I tried to stay off of the pute so much yesterday, but I had really wanted to organize and edit some photos.  I want to try to do a few every day so that I can start getting them printed out.  I will still keep a digital copy for everything, but I want to print out a large majority of my photos to put in albums and frames.  I've put it off time and time again.  So, I did that for a bit yesterday and then I had some shopping to do... Well, price checking, really.  But I also did two loads of dishes, 3 loads of laundry, picked up several times, and cleaned out the hallway utility closet.  I was busy all day, but I did get on the pute more than I probably should.  But at least I wasn't just aimlessly floating around on the net.  I was actually DOING something.  I am going to attempt to do the same today... just avoid the aimless playing around and if I am going to be on, make it something worthwhile.  So, maybe I didn't slack as much yesterday as I thought...  OH!  And I did my Pilates!  But boy oh boy was my abdomen sore all day yesterday and is a bit tender this AM!  I figured my legs would hurt, but they just felt 'fatigued'.  Which I guess is good.  I think I will take it easier on my tummy today.  I don't want it to hurt... just have that fatigued feeling.  I forgot that a large portion of the time I was on the net was looking for a stretching routine on YouTube.  I have it directly through my Blu-Ray so I thought it would be good to find a flexibility stretching routine to go along with the Pilates and my other stuff.  Who knew that finding a good stretch video would be so hard???  I never thought that there would be so many and that it would be so basic.  Or so complicated!  Was is called 'POP Pilates Stretch and much of it looks good so I will probably give it a try.  Only one or two things looked unrealistic for me, but I will just do something else during that time until they move on to the next move.  Anyways, just darn proud of myself.  Now if I can keep it up.  That is where I slack off.

Well, I don't want to make this seriously long.  But I will say that my routine got off this AM and I didn't weigh yet.  I will here in a min just to have a number on the calendar.  I doubt it will be very good.  It's like I get to 189.5 and then I can't get lower.  UGH.  I don't know what is holding me back.  It's just frustrating.  I should've been in the low 180's weeks ago.  I should be for SURE now.  But nope, back up to the 190's.  BLEH.  Annoying.  I'm worried I'm not going to be able to lose this next 35ish pounds.  I don't know why this is such a barrier for me.  And I honestly am not sure why I'm not losing.  I mean, I stay busy and even when we have an 'off' day I'm not that off.  So, I'm not sure what I am doing wrong at this point.  I am hoping if I just stick it out, it will happen.

Anyways, today I need to get my fridge cleaned out.  I'm going to go through everything quickly (I just did this not long ago), turn any older veggies into soup, make salad out of the romaine I bought but never fixed, and then go to the store for odds and ends.  Mostly more milk and fruit.  LOL  That's my usual weekly purchase.  The boys just go through SO much fruit!  They still don't eat a ton of veggies right now, but at least we try and offer it to them.  They'll never eat it unless it's offered, right?  I use to think my kiddos ate horrid until I saw how many other kids eat.  I feel like they eat pretty good now!  Maybe not as many veggies as they could, but at least they get a few veggies a day and not a ton of junk and sugar.  The only thing that I wish had less sugar was our ketchup.  Not that they eat a ton, but we use to get a reduced sugar ketchup and now I can't find it anymore.  BAH!  I liked the more savory taste.  But still.  They eat tomato stuff like that and the sauce, green beans, black beans, carrots, some potatoes.  You know, stuff that we call veggies but really are other things like legumes and tubers!  LOL  It'll come in time.  :)

Ok, getting off of here and getting to the fridge so I can get to the store.  I hope to be out of here by around 11:30 and it's almost 10, so I gotta get going.  Hope everyone is doing well!

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  1. You can do it! This will all
    Pay off eventually. It sounds like your doing all the right things. I can totally see being discouraged by now though. You sound like your super busy,so I would think your burning a lot of calories in a day. It has to all pay off at some point.


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