Wednesday, June 6, 2012


LOL  I love today's date!  6/6/12.  Thus the title.  LOL  Yeah, I'm weird like that.  :D

Anyways, been busy and all that jazz the last few days and been waiting for Aunt Flo to travel out of town.  I think that is almost over.  I thought it was yesterday but NOPE.  Snuck back on me.  My cycle was weird this month.  Shorter span (only like 27 days!) but still fairly heavy.  It's weird.  Usually it's not when it's short.  But oh well, just ready for it to move on out!  Know what I mean?  But even with it here, my weight has stayed between 187.5 and 188.  I'm hoping for it to start moving down again now.  It would be great to get to the 170's in the next few weeks!  I don't even remember what that number looks like.

My allergies or what is leftover from my cold are killing me on top of my cycle the last few days.  I've been taking Sudafed and allergy meds like it's going out of style!  But I'm not very productive on those meds -- the allergy stuff makes me very sleepy.  So, I only take it when desperate!  I had to yesterday.  I was sneezing so violently and so often, it was making my neck hurt.  My neck is actually sore today.  But there isn't much I can do about it.  I just have to go on.  I may take some Ibuprofen just to try to keep it good and moving.  Especially since I need to sit down and do bills here in a bit.  Fun fun fun.  I don't wanna, but it needs to be done!  It's just THAT time of the month!  I need to work ahead a few months, too.  I haven't done that lately, so it needs to be done.  I like to work ahead and make sure that I have everything in order. 

Other than that, I need to clean my floors really well today if I can get the energy together.  They are just... GROSS.  I am hoping to get in a good vacuum later and then after youngest is sleeping, I want to get it all mopped.  I was going to steam it all, but I may end up doing the old fashioned thing and mopping.  Especially for my stairs as they are painted.  So far, I'm not loving the painted look.  We tried stained first and could never get a good match.  There was carpet there when we first moved in and I HATED that -- we all fell at one point or another.  So, we are running out of options.  I hate to say it, but we may have to go ahead and put our laminate down on them.  I think that may end up being the best option.  I just need to find a different edger, I think.  I think the super thick edge pieces we have is what turned us off to it.  I am thinking of going for a metal style to compliment our iron railing.  I guess we will see.  I just know that the painted stairs are miserable to keep clean.  We talked of putting down a runner, but even then the edges would show SO much dirt.  UGH.  Annoying.

Well, not much else to report.  I didn't really work out but one time last week (due to illness) and I am already behind this week.  But I plan on working out later.  I am going to try REALLY hard to get in a workout every day this week to sort of balance out last weeks lack of being able to.  But getting the house clean is one of my priorities, too.  I think I can fit it all in!  I mean, as of right now, exercise is only 30mins.  So, I think I can do it all!  :D  But if I'm going to, I need to get off of here and get to it.  Starting with taking some meds.  My head is clogging more and more by the minute and my eyes are starting to feel strained which means pressure is building.  I hope I can work through the drowsiness!  But I can't think with my head feeling so squeezed.  BLARGH! 


  1. Good luck with your allergies. My eyes have been itchy lately but they don't incapacitate me like they do my sister.

    Have a great day! ( I didn't even notice 6/6/12 until you mentioned it.. COOL!)

  2. I thought I looked ...beastly before... so your comment is mild compared to the thoughts that ran through my head.

    My sister thinks we're like fine wine.. we get better with age LOL! My mom says we're full of ourselves LOL

    I love that blue dress on you in your avatar. You could never offend me :) you are way too sweet!


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