Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I am sorta feeling like I am better today.  I didn't cough and hack but a few times last night and I even went to bed early!  I had to use my heating pad, though, because my back was in major pain.  I'm not sure why... it just was.  I ended up being pretty busy yesterday with doing a few household things, starting the initial layout of my frames, running a couple of errands with a friend to get her car situation straightened out, then helping her clean it a bit.  When we got done, the kiddos were ready to come in and I gave them a nice long bath.  Then dinner and off to bed.  Youngest actually fell asleep in his highchair!  But I was so tired at that point, I just went on to bed, too.  I just felt overwhelmingly tired.  Like so tired I could hardly stand it.  So, I took my meds and went on to bed with my heating pad.  Youngest got up once last night, but I think it was because he was so tired, he fell asleep eating.  Poor guy!  I HAD to snap a pic... I should so post it!  It was just hilarious!  LOL

My weight this AM was 187.  I'm happy to see the half pound gone and really hope to be under 185 soon.  I just gotta stay on my eating.  Doing the IF, it's pretty easy to not eat enough fruit and veg.  I do pretty great on fruit, but I believe I slack in veg.  I try, but it can sometimes be hard to get it in!  I'd say I get pretty close to what you're suppose to on most days, but there are days I just don't seem to get enough.  But honestly, I just try to eat what sounds good that is fairly healthy.  I don't really follow the guidelines all that much.  I don't on water, either.  I drink plenty of water, so I don't stress over it.  So, I guess I should do the same with the fruit and veg.  I will just do my best and not worry too much.  

Well, I guess that will be all for today.  I don't have that much on my brain and I want to go over to the forums for a bit and then maybe do some house work before I eat.  The vast majority of my evening is going to be spent on laundry and working on the photos/frames.  I just want to go back and forth between them since one involves a lot of sitting.  That way it is more like my 'rest' time.  I hope that by forcing myself to take it easy, I will be close to 100% tomorrow!  :D 

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