Saturday, June 23, 2012

A little blog

I thought I might as well write a little blog this AM.  Not that I have much to talk about, because not much has changed.  I'm not doing IF and I'm not doing anything else.  I've just been sorta surviving.  LOL  Mostly because with everything going on, I just didn't keep up.  I didn't go nuts, but I didn't track.  But I am hoping to get into a groove with my cals soon.  I like the IF, so if that feels good, I'll do that.  But always cals.  That's just what has been working and what I need to stick to.  And I have GOT to get back to working out.  Since I was so sick just a few weeks ago, I haven't gotten back to it.  My Mom swears now that I had bronchitis and that is why it took so long to get over.  I tend to think that maybe she was right.  It was the WORST I have felt in a while.  And really, I have a day now and then of the coughing.  But thankfully, even that has been a while and I hope that it just stays away.  But I need to get back to it.  I want to give myself today to attempt to recover from the party craziness of yesterday, and then back to it. 

Speaking of, I don't think the party went all that great.  I was rather disappointed.  It was miserably hot, the wind was so nuts we had a hard time setting up, and the kids hated my cake.  At least the food went off well.  I never knew that sandwiches would be such a big hit with kids.  LOL  But it was.  On a good note, my kiddo seemed to have a good time and that is what matters.  AND, he loved the cake.  LOL  I loved the cake, too!  So, I was shocked that so many of them didn't like it.  But it as an old fashioned style cake so the cake is a bit denser and almost tastes like a mixture between a sugar cookie, an angel food cake, and a pound cake.  Sweetness of a good sugar cookie, smells like angel food, and the texture is a bit dense.  But it is simple and great with heavier icings.  And my kiddos tend to like what is called 'Crisco' icing.  It's literally vegetable shortening, powdered sugar, and a smidge of water.  It's the old style of making icing and it 'crusts' up.  I guess that all that matters is if oldest had a good time and liked the cake.  I put it down and it was devoured!  So, at least my kiddo was happy and that is what I will go with.  We won't talk about the massive meltdown had by all prior to the event.  I was so upset, I actually smoked part of a cig and I haven't smoked in a while.  But here lately, I find myself craving them.  So, gotta be especially careful to avoid those for a bit.  Not that I have an issue with others who smoke, I just don't want to make it a habit.  I was a 2 pack a day gal for a long time and gave it up when I was preggers.  I don't want to go back to it.  Mostly because it costs a small fortune!  Plus it's not good for your health and can make you stinky.  I think that's all the chemicals in there. 

Anyways, my weight this AM is 188.5.  I'm lucky I'm not 200.  I think I ate enough icing yesterday to kill 3 people.  But I kept having to take tastes to check texture, sweetness, and fat.  Then I'd get some on my hand and lick that.  Then I'd be doing something and get some on something and I'd lick that.  BAH!  But I was so busy I don't think it really ever hit me.  And then I was sweating to beat 90 at the party.  It was HOT.  I drank water like a crazy person last night and I do feel a bit better this AM.  But I am tired and worn out.  And I don't have time to be.  My house is trashed.  TRASHED.  I need to at least get my kitchen cleaned up and do some laundry.  I guess I will get started on that here in a bit.  Laundry just exploded in the last couple of days.  I guess with all the outdoor playing, baths, etc. it just piled up. 

Well, that is about it for my exciting week.  I'm exhausted, fried, still fat, and need to clean.  LOL  So, I guess I will get on that.  Hope you all are doing well.

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  1. haha your so funny! :)
    I do relate to you when you mention the fact that you were eating the icing and tasting.. and it completely skip your mind that your not suppose to be doing that! ^__^ I happens to be all the time!.

    But hey, 188 is not bad. But you still gotta keep going! And I think that your drinking water and the sweating will make up for what you ate that night! :) So no worries, keep working hard! :D


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