Sunday, June 10, 2012

Still fighting

I am still fighting this horrible cold/infection.  Just when I think I am over it and starting to feel better, I backlash really bad and feel worse.  That is how it has been all week.  I think I over-did it one day this week and I've felt rough the last few days.  I have not paid attention to my diet other than to not over-eat and to only eat when hungry.  That hasn't really been an issue.  But I've not worked out because I just feel so overwhelmingly tired.  I'm going to assume that is normal for this type of sickness.  So, other than a couple of days where I felt good and either did housework or errands, I've been just on the couch.  Or in the bed.  I'm truly ready to be over this.  The coughing is enough to drive you freakin' MAD.  I cough randomly through the day and then all night and nothing really seems to help.  I've tried the home remedies and meds to no avail.  This means that my quality of sleep has been poor on top of being sick.  Overall, I just feel like crap.  Today, however, was the first day that I got up and blew my nose and it didn't look like an alien had taken a crap in there.  Cause that is what it had looked like the last few days.  My MIL pointed out that it had been two weeks.  For some reason, I was thinking it had only been a little over 1.  Today is an improvement, but instead of saying oh I'm going to catch up on stuff, I'm going to still try to take it easy.  My hubby goes on nights tonight, though, so it will be hard.  And I hate my house being nasty.  I may just try to do one or two things.  Like, unload the dishwasher.  Chill.  Reload and run.  Chill.  Just to keep things from getting too behind.  But I just feel like crud.  I wish this would just go away.  :(  I want to get back into routine and not feel like I am going to die every time I move around too much.  I guess I am a bit better so I won't be going to the Dr., but if this relapses again, I'm going right away.  I don't like being sick, but I normally try to just let things run their course.  This, however, seems like one of the longest courses I've been on in a while!  I think I need a pit stop.

Oh, my weight this AM was 187.5 - 188.0.  So, I am the same even with being sick.  Probably because I haven't felt much like eating.  I am really hoping to see the 170's by the end of Summer, but at this rate I won't!  Being sick just puts me in a slump.  BLEH.  But I will survive.  Well, I don't want to keep rambling on and on... I am starting to feel a bit hungry and my head is starting to hurt a bit so I want to try to lay down while the kiddos are calm and I can.  Hope all you ladies are doing well.  Laters!

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  1. Goodness! I hope you feel better soon, Jewlz. Maybe the MIL can take the kids for the day if she hasn't already. Then you can pile up in the bed and watch Netflix until you feel better!



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