Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This weather is killing me.  I am sitting here with a headache and my whole face hurts.  I've even taken sinus meds, which helped for a bit, but then it came back to bite me in the bum.  UGH.  I just wish it would stop hurting!  That and my back. I am about to start some research on massage therapy and chiropractic services.  I have to do something.  This is only getting worse and worse and I just can't take much more.  I'm miserable, cranky, and overall feeling run down.  BLEH.  I really hope I can find a practice that has both.  And at this point, I'm darn near ready to pay cash just to get some relief.  I am even thinking of going for just a massage tomorrow to get started. 

Another thing plying on my mind this afternoon is finances.  A friend of mine sent me this astral thing and it was talking about how I may be prone to overspending.  Well, that's not me at all.  I tend to be the opposite.  I have spent more recently than I would like, but it was to help get the house done.  AND, as I said in the previous post, I plan on having a garage sale to try to re-coup some of that money.  Tomorrow or later tonight, I am going to spend some serious time listing some things and see if I can get any of this stuff moved out even before then.  Because as of right now, I don't know which weekend we could do.  I'm a bit fried and in need of a break.  But for the most part, I just need this junk gone.  The extra cash would be helpful, too.  Because right now, I don't feel like spending at all.  I feel like doing the opposite and taking back anything I can or selling anything I can to get out from under any debt.  Which is silly because there really isn't all that much.  All together it's not even 10k.  Maybe 8k (not counting house and car).  But I'd like to start making a bigger dent on some other stuff like the loan that is tied to the house for the HVAC.  Just got to do first things first, ya know?  I just thought it was funny it was on that chart after the hubbs and I had just said we were going to do the opposite, and had been doing that.  The only debt I don't like is our BofA card (Bank of America).  I'm not a fan of them or their policies, but we got this card YEARS ago and when we moved into this house, we had some major repairs come up and they had to be paid for somehow.  And the way we did that was to use our locked in rate on our card at that time to pay for them.  And I don't mean little repairs.  I mean about 15k.  That is now around 6k but I want it paid off.  We have one revolving line that's higher than normal right now due to helping a friend out who is going to start paying us back soon.  Then after that the only 'credit' item is our Best Buy card from when our TV (our first one!) broke.  Now the 1st is repaired and the 2nd is broken.  UGH.  But I am not buying one anytime soon.  No way, no how.

After those things, all that is left is the loans tied to the house like our equity line and the HVAC system.  Neither of which I am all that concerned with at the moment, but once the other things are paid off, I'd like to start paying extra on.  A whole lot extra.  Because while they are tied to the house and its not a big deal, the issue is that when we go to sell, those things have to be paid off.  And with the market still sucky, we don't know if it will recoup enough in the next couple of years to be enough to cover the amount owed.  So, while the equity line isn't a big deal to me, I would really like to take care of the HVAC thing.  Plus... I'm mad to admit...  I still haven't formally opened my retirement fund.  My hubby's is at max, but we had wanted to hit 15% this year and then be at 18% by 35... 20% if we could swing it.  But right now we are only at 12% and that just isn't enough.  *sigh*  I need to get on it but that's not going to happen until a few things are sold around here.  I need to move this car in my driveway.  That's about 1k just waiting.  UGH  I have the money set aside each week, but lately we've been using it to pay extra on other things and that just isn't acceptable.  I guess that is another thing that needs to be done soon.  It has to be.  I am 32 and my goal had been 30.  I've really been slacking.

So, finances are on my brain right now along with so many other things.  I don't know why at times things weigh so heavy on my mind and I feel like I am stuck.  That's where I am right now.  I feel weighted down by every little thing and like I can't move forward.  My weight loss is stalled... I'm not being creative... and I just feel bogged down.  I know I will eventually move out of this funk, but right not I'm not liking the funk at all.  Part of the reason I'm writing about more things on here NOW is that I hope by just writing it down, I will see something or let go of something and just be able to move on.  Plus... my blog is boring.  LOL

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