Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I just realized that I hadn't really updated any of my stats 'officially' in a while and I was pretty surprised by that.  Have I really let myself slip that far off my path?  I guess I have... I mean, I have!  So, I just went and updated all of that but I didn't let myself keep that 186.5 goal.  I know I got there once or twice, but so far I've not been able to maintain it.  So, I'm not going to claim it, yet.  But seeing all the numbers I realize that if I don't get it in gear, I'm going to have either a 0 loss month, or a gain!  And I've not had that since MARCH.  Even though my last few months have been small losses, I'll take it.  Going down is much better.  Seems like for most weeks I have a half pound loss average.  I only have one week during my cycle where I don't lose.  So, that makes me feel a bit better!  But at the end of the month, I'm down and that's good!  But I need to get back on the horse.  I need to get under 186.5.  I need to do this now.  And for some reason, I think seeing the numbers will be what helps me to do it.  I really do!

My weight this AM was 191.  I was a bit disappointed in that, but then again with all of the storms rolling through last night, I didn't get much sleep.  So, I should've expected it.  I am going to TRY to get more tonight and pray that it works.  I really need some good sleep.  I plan on trying to get into bed early, using my heating pad, taking meds before I even get near the bed, and just watching an old movie so there isn't too much interest.  My diet today has been a bit off, but not badly.  No dessert for me tonight, though, unless it's a small glass of wine.  I plan on a small dinner since my lunch/snack were heavier.  And even if I don't want to, I'm going to work out here in a bit.  I mean, I want to but you know what I mean.  I am also thinking of clearing out more room in the garage to get to my treadmill while the hubby is off.  I keep saying I need a hobby to deal with some underlying issues, but I think what I really need is more physical stuff.  And while it is SCORCHING hot out, I can't really do that outside and I am not joining a gym right now.  So, my best option is to get into my Pilates like I was 2mos. ago and start back walking on that treadmill that is gathering dust in my garage that I use to love so much.  I still love it, but access has been limited.  Gotta work on remedying that and soon.  My sanity and my family's sanity depends on it. 

I guess 'diet' and exercise are just like anything else.  It really ebbs and flows just like a relationship. Sometimes you are really into it and other times you can't hardly force yourself to do it.  But then some little flame kicks back up and BAM, you want it again!  That's how I'm feeling right this second after going over my numbers.  Maybe I really do need that black and white thing to look at to not only measure time but progress.  I wonder if anyone else is like that?  I wonder how many people out there keep a calendar that they write their weight on each day and when they work out?  I do.  And that 5 or 10mins I just took to review it has me wanting to get more in gear!  :D

Ok, going to go now.  It's the end of the day and I've not really been on here that much, but in that short time I've posted 2 or 3 blogs and wrote 2!!!  Busy busy!  But suddenly, I feel better than I have in DAYS and I'm so happy for it!  Wooooo for MOJO! 


  1. Glad that you are feeling better.
    I've been bad about my workouts cause it's all hot and I've been feeling sickly. I might make myself do something today though.
    Sometimes just thinking about doing it is like a workout, right?

  2. I have been stuck,and losing motivation too. Stuck at 205. You would think being so close to under 200 pounds,would be a huge motivator. But.... My life has been INSANE since may,and eating has been out on the back burner. Not to
    Mention I've been to a million bbqs and dinners,and I am not in control of ingredients. That hasn't helped at all!!!!!!

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better! I'm totally hating my scale right now but in the end it's really my fault as to why it's not moving. Sucks balls..

    Pass me some of your MOJO :)

    Also I have workouts written out, I also mark in my calendar book when I workout (when I do) and sometimes the amount of calories I eat when I eat that day (when I was calorie counting).


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