Saturday, July 14, 2012

Working on it.

My weight this AM was 191.  I was expecting that so I'm ok.  I had been 188.5 the last couple of times, so I feel good about it.  I know why I'm 191 -- last night was date night!  So yeah, we ate out and drank some wine.  But most of all, we have been VERY busy the last two days with lots of walking.  Yesterday even during date night was active.  Why?  Because after what I am sure was a calorie laden dinner from yummy food and drink, we went and played 3 games of bowling!  Since there was only the two of us, we were up and down a lot and this AM, I am QUITE sore!  I kinda love it.  LOL  This is the 2nd time we've gone bowling for one of our date nights.  I think this may become a habit.  I really enjoyed it!  I probably was a bit overdressed, but all in all, I didn't care.  I wasn't dressed for them but for me and the hubbs.  :D

I guess that is one of my major beefs with living in this area.  Everything (except apparently the bowling alley!) closes down so early even on weekends.  On weeknights, 9PM is IT.  Everything is CLOSED.  But even on weekends most of the restaurants close at 11.  Normally I'd be all for this, but when the hubby doesn't even get home until 7 and we don't get out the door until almost 8 most date nights, that's rough.  Because usually all we can do is one thing which is usually shopping or eating.  UGH.  But now that we know that bowling is open late and opens quite early, we have the option to do that!  Although, not sure how many day time dates we're going to be able to have anymore.  :/  Our sitter got a great full time day job so now we will mostly be doing weekend evenings.  Maybe a Saturday or a Sunday once in a while.  But that's ok -- we're just happy she's doing so well.

I want to confess that I still haven't been working out, but I have been staying busy.  And my eating (other than last night) is getting better and better.  I am trying to make sure not to overeat and work my way back on my cals.  So far, I think I've done great.  I think I'm doing about 95% diet wise.  :)  Just gotta get on it with the exercise.  I'm jumping back into it today.  Focusing on Pilates today and then I'm going to work on clearing out space in my garage.  Hopefully the rain holds off and I can work on that stuff!  I also got my calendar updated since I had let it get outta whack.  I did that the other day after doing my updates on here.  So, it's all ready for fresh blue marks!  Yeah... blue is my mark for exercise.  :)

All in all, I'm feeling good and trying to stay positive.  Gotta keep looking and moving forward.  Not much else I can do that would get me anywhere.  But right now, I've gotta go and get my house straightened up so that I can work on projects while little man sleeps.  Or at least, I HOPE he sleeps.  He's driving me bonkers with getting into things and I don't get much accomplished with him awake.  And I have a lot I need to do like get his bed painted, get the garage straightened, and so on and etc.  Busy busy I am!  Well, I'm GOING to be busy.  Everyone out there in Blogger land take care!


  1. I love that you went bowling for date night. We've been talking about going bowling for a while, but we'll probably go during the week on the cheap days (I think Tuesday). We're trying to stick to and develop our active hobbies like swimming and birding, and want to add a couple more for variety. We've been doing miniature golf, and have thought about taking up golfing. I'd have to practice a lot at the driving range before I'd be willing to golf though, cause I've only gone once and know I'm not any good at it.
    Bowling also seemed like a good choice, because it's fun, but not something to take seriously- ya know?
    I just started marking my activity on my dry erase calendar board in our bedroom. I also started recording how many steps I get in for the day on my pedometer. I want to make sure that I get in at least the recommended 10,000 a day.

    1. We had a blast bowling! And believe it or not, I've been sore the last TWO days from only 3 games! So apparently not only is it fun, but a good workout. My tushy is sore! :O We are trying to think of more activities to do on date nights that are active rather than sitting at a movie or whatever. I love miniature golf, game rooms (like where you play air hockey and stuff), water activities, etc. It's just finding them in our area is the difficult part. It shuts down here at 9PM on weeknights... EXCEPT the bowling alley. So, hopefully we can do that and maybe find one or two other things we could do and mix it in with old regulars. LOL


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