Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I have worked out for the last two days and went bowling before that, so today I am pretty tired and sore.  I am still going to do some exercise, though, just to stay in routine.  I probably won't do Pilates or anything like that, but I think a nice long stretch would do me some good.  So, that is what I am going to do.  :)  Hopefully I can either remember or find one on Youtube that I like.  LOL

I am also tired because I stayed up too late last night.  I've been trying to go to bed earlier with the hubbs, but that isn't working for me.  I am just not an early to bed type of person unless I'm exhausted or sick.  But going to bed early these last several days has resulted in tossing and turning and feeling wide awake.  I stayed up later last night working on a project.  I got a lot done!  So when I went to bed not only was I tired (it was a little after 12), but I slept much better.  I needed that.  And I think a large part of it was because I had gotten something done that I had been meaning and trying to work on for ages but I had only gotten small chunks done here and there.  What am I doing?  Cleaning up my pute and my USB drive.  My photos had gotten dumped (doubles and triples) on both it and the lappy.  Not to mention the copies weren't exact on many documents.  So, I've been going through and organizing and dumping stuff and I finally got two SD cards dumped and cleaned, the main drive on my computer for photos done, and a lot cleaned and dumped on the USB drive.  Now to finish organizing it and merge them and I should be good.  I'd like to use one more spare USB just to be safe and I may use one my hubby bought for his car, but it doesn't like it for some reason.  But it works fine in my car and on my laptop.  His car is weird sometimes.  Anyways, then my backup would have backup.  HA!  I just feel good knowing that is getting done.  I've been wanting to do it for a long time and now is that time.  Hoping that now I will be able to dig through photos and get them organized to put up.  I've been slowly working on that over the last little bit.  I have homes for all of the frames, but so far only a couple have designated photos.  But now that I have some rhyme and reason to them, I can hopefully either put them in frames or albums.  :)  I'm a happy girl right now!  I mean, I still have work to do, but it was nice getting that much done.

Now I'm trying to decide what to do today.  Originally, I had wanted to take the kiddos to the splash pad that is down the road from us since the park was pretty much a bust yesterday.  Why?  Cause my oldest complained the entire time!  Even though it was MUCH cooler than 2 weeks ago.  I thought he'd be happy to go since we've had about 7 days of not so great weather.  It's either been raining or looking like rain, so we hadn't been out to do much.  We'd mostly been at home.  But he whined and complained the whole time so we left after maybe 45mins.  So, I had thought that we would go to the splash pad to have some water fun, but the hubby said he'd like to go so we may wait.  I'm wondering if I moved the car to the end of the driveway and let the kiddos play in the driveway with their ride-ons and water guns if I would be able to get anything done...  I really need to get some work done in the garage.

Well, I probably should get off of here.  I've read and commented and now I've done a little blog of no importance.  So, I should probably get to doing something if I can drag myself up and off of this couch.  Which I currently don't want to do.  I am crazy tired right now.  Probably because I spilled my second cup of coffee instead of drinking it.  LOL  I have made another cup, but I have yet to consume it.  But I will!  I need it!  I really need to figure out what to do today.  lol

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