Sunday, July 15, 2012

Up and at'em

I'm trying hard to get up and at'em this AM, but I'm feeling so drained...  Not sure what is up with that, but I do.  More so than I have been.  Seems everyone had a hard time sleeping last night.  Hubby and I both tossed and turned and our youngest did, too.  He even climbed out of his crib during the middle of the night and got into bed with us.  I snuggled him a bit because he seemed scared, but then I put him back to bed.  He then got up at 7 and I gave him a bottle.  He slept for a bit more but then we were up and going with another darn ant attack!  I'm SICK of ANTS.  IF it doesn't rain (which its looking like it might) I'm going to spray the outside of the house with the bug stuff during nap time.  Husband be darned!  I can't deal with this bug invasion anymore and I'm going to take it upon myself to do it.  I have the concentrate, I have the sprayer, and I know how to read directions.  Hopefully I can do this!  LOL

I never did work out yesterday.  *sigh*  I'm just not following through the way I know I should be.  But I DID get a lot done yesterday.  I got the bathroom picked up, youngest's room moved around and picked up, got laundry sorted and going, washed dishes, cleaned out my micro, straightened my bedroom, picked up some in the side yard and threw a few things away from the garage, I also managed to get rid of one dog crate.  I sat it out by the road and people stopped to ask about it and one person, for whatever reason, moved it back up to my house!  So, I dragged it back down AGAIN and posted big FREE signs on it.  It was gone in about 10mins.  LOL  I also got some stuff posted on-line for sale and responded to some questions.  After the kennel was gone, I managed to put some order back into my dining room and put the other kennel in the garage since the new open-air kennel is now all set up.  I am no longer using dog beds -- they just get too nasty and have to be thrown away.  I'm now using blankets and just washing them frequently.  The beds just feel so wasteful.  And it doesn't hurt to throw in and wash some blankets every now and again.  Especially since our machine is so eco-friendly.  :)  Really all I need to do today is more laundry, dust, and vacuum.  Then the spray later if no rain.  I need to read and see how long it needs to soak in before being rained on.  I plan on doing the barrier type that REALLY has to soak everything within 18in.  It was very effective and says it works for 5yrs.  I'd say that's about accurate.  It was due this Spring and this is the first time we've had an issue with bugs.  So, it has GOT to be done.  I can't deal with this anymore.  So, while I didn't work out, I stayed busy.  But I need to find a way to make working out a priority.

How do you ladies make exercise a priority?  When my oldest was in school, it was fairly easy.  I just worked out during nap time.  But even that was a struggle at times.  I find that with being a Mom, I have a hard time putting aside time just for me.  I know it's good for me, but I still fight with it.  I don't really think of it that way until I'm in the middle of something and then I'm like, well, this needs to be done and the other can wait.  Then later I realize, look what I did?  I put it off again!  Why do I do this to myself?  Is it just an excuse to not do it or is it some sort of ingrained thing that I can't take that 20mins. for myself?  Why is everything else so much more important?  UGH.  And it's not just this I do it with... I do it with other things, too.  I have put off cutting my hair, going out with friends, and other random things.  I just keep thinking I WANT to do those things, but 'XYZ' needs to be done first.  Why???  Why do we do this?  I know I was prone to it once in a while before kids thinking this or that needed to be done, but it's much worse now.  Why is that?  I just don't get why in my head I can justify putting off something that is good for me and needs to be done by saying to myself, 'Yes, but right now youngest is asleep and oldest is playing so we need to take this time to mop, work on a project or whatever while we can!'  And then I say I'll do it later... But later something else like dinner, baths, or picking up come along and it never happens.  When am I going to have that lightbulb moment when the time/exercise for me is NOW and the other stuff can wait until later?

Dang.  I think I just had it.

Reading it like that... geez.  I guess I've just been making excuses.  Finding little ways around doing what I need to be doing.  Gotta stop that.  NOW.

Ok, I'm off.  Take care ladies and I will try to catch up on blogs tomorrow if I have time.

* I JUST realized that in the comment section, I can actually reply to each comment.  WOW.  I'm a bit slow!  LOL  I guess I will start trying that from now on.  But does it tell you if you comment on someone else's blog and they reply to you?  I still have so much to learn on here...

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  1. I was making a lot of excuses to not work out, and why I was too busy and couldn't. But, yeah, you are right. They are always excuses. Twenty minutes will not cause my house to collapse, although sometimes it feels that way.
    I've decided that I just have to plow through working out every day until it is a habit.


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