Thursday, August 2, 2012


Yesterday was a productive day, and I hope that today will be, too.  Lots and lots done!  Mostly work in the garage.  I went to get some supplies to work in the bathroom, but then it hit me that I couldn't even GET to my supplies because there was just so much JUNK and disorganization.  So, as soon as my youngest went down, I went down and got to work.  I got a LOT done!  A LOT!  I purged a lot of stuff and organized and in general, just put things away.  I even started using the new organizers that I got at KARM.  They are really locking pill organizers, but they work GREAT for putting little screws, nails, washers, etc. in.  I then used big reusable containers (store brand of Gladware) to put the bigger stuff in.  :)  It's working well and finally, I am seeing results!  Today I plan on running a couple of errands and since I will be out, I am going to make a couple of drop offs and get rid of a few more things.  I need to call about one of them actually.  Guess I will do that here in a min....

Today, I hope to do some more work downstairs and a bit of patchwork upstairs.  Mostly just around a few switches.  I'll do the patchwork, then while it dries work downstairs, then hopefully paint and do some more downstairs.  By that point, naptime will be over!  Well, I guess I better hop to it.  Kiddos are fed, awake, and ready to go!  Just need to hop to it myself.  Have a good one ladies!  Oh, and yes, I did work out yesterday!  I even did all the lower body work.  Just took it easy on calf raises.  :)  Weight this AM was 189.5 again. 


  1. Don't you love the feeling of accomplishment when you've been organising and can see the difference!

    1. I definitely do! However, I'm starting to get overwhelmed now and really NEED to get some more items sold so I have room to put things away and continue sorting/purging! LOL


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