Friday, August 31, 2012

Keepin' at it

So, I DID do a few things around the house yesterday including calling about my car.  Still there.  :/  So sad.  I want my Flex back!  I love my car and on top of that, I don't like feeling 'stuck'.  I know that is plain ol' silly, but I do.  Hubby is off tomorrow so here is to hoping that it gets done today.  I only have about 50 errands I have had to put off for now!  I have some sales to drop off, at least one or two purchases to pick up, and then regular errands plus a couple of stops at other places like the alteration shop.  I hope to get a dress or two altered.  I am thinking of trying to do one myself, but I don't want to goof it up.  I don't even know if I have the right stuff to alter the dress!  LOL  I was just going to use hem tape...  I guess I could actually sew it, but it's been a while since I've broken out the machine.  I guess we will see...  I may give it a go during nap time.  LOL  Worst case scenario, I mess up and have to take it in which I had planned on doing anyways.  That and laundry are all I really have planned to possibly do today.  OH!  And I need to oil the furniture.  Many of my pieces are old and are starting to look dry.  I love mixing old with new, mixing metals, and warm and bright colors.  Maybe I'm part peacock!  HA!

I couldn't resist and the the recumbent bike again yesterday!  I really enjoyed it.  I only did a little over 30mins, but that was enough.  lol  I was all sweaty and my legs were weak.  I want to work out but I don't want to over-do it.  I don't do well when I'm over-worked.  The awesome news that I don't want to get TOO excited about, yet is that I got up and weighed in at 185 flat this AM.  :O  I was totally shocked!  I had hoped for it, but to actually see it was awesome!  I don't think I've seen 185 this year.  I could be wrong, but surely I would remember that!  And on top of that, I've been cleaning out my closet and so I was trying things on.  It hit me that a LOT of my stuff doesn't fit so I might as well get rid of it.  I had already given a large chunk of things to a friend of mine, but the other stuff I decided I would try to sell.  Anything that doesn't sell, I will offer my friend and then whatever is left goes to donations.  Anyways.... while going through stuff and deciding if I loved it or was over it, I decided that anything that I wasn't sure about I would try on.  I didn't realize that the majority of my skirts were now too big!  And that I can get rid of another couple of pairs of jeans.  PLUS!!!!!  Are you ready for this????  I got into my skinny jeans!!!  NO, not my 16 skinny jeans, but my 14's!  Even if the # on the scale is moving down slowly, the pant size is moving in the right direction!  All around a happy day for me!  Plus, I purged my shoes and some more clothes.  I need to finish that today.  I guess today will be all about sewing and sorting.  LMAO  I am not going to work out today -- today is my off day.  I may do my Pilates, though... that should be ok to do today.  :) 

I looked over the calendar and realized that I've been doing pretty well with working out for this month.  I'm not as consistent with the days as I would like, but I'm getting better and that is what is important.  Progress not perfection.  I really wish I knew who it was that originally said that... it is a great quote.  I've even thought of getting that as a tattoo.  But I've been working out on average 2 days a week, but then keeping active other days.  I hope to start getting 3 in there now that my schedule is feeling more settled.  I guess we will see.  Once little man gives up naps, I'm not sure what I will do... I hope I have another year before that happens!

Well, I need to be bringing this to an end and getting to work.  Not even sure where to start first, but I need to get to it and be productive.  Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!


  1. wow! :) Look at you!! Doing great as normal! hahaha ^__^ I'm so happy your reaching 185! YAY! And you even fit in your skinny jeans! WAY TO GO!! I think one of the best part of losing weight is that you don't fit in the your old clothes anymore..and that feelings feels soo good! :) And, I hope you know what this mean... SHOPPING TIME! ^___^

  2. You sound so happy in this post. Glad that you are feeling proud of your progress, and can celebrate your victories.
    I have a super nice sewing machine and all this fabric and sewing stuff that I bought years ago, and it rarely gets used. I used to make and sell skirts in a store that my friend owns. I also made a bunch for myself. And then one day I realized just how much I absolutely hated to sew. I always had to force myself to do it. Oh, silly me. Since then my sewing stuff just sits unused in my closet. I should probably sell my machine on ebay or something, but knowing me if I sell it I will suddenly want to use it again.

  3. Jewlz you are always running around so busy with so many projects, you are doing so great with pedaling it out on the recumbant bike! I love those things, I bought an upright last year but ended up taking it back because it made my backside hurt so bad! I hope things go well with your car and that everything gets taken care of for your vacation. Great job on the weight loss, sometmies we suprise ourselves, I know I was very suprised that I had maintained through out both my vacations! I'm going to try to write a hefty post today about my misadventures in traveling this summer, ha ha!


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