Sunday, August 12, 2012

This morning...

This morning I got up and decided that I needed to get back to all of my stuff.  The last couple of weeks have been productive around the house but I have been slacking on everything else... even if I've been staying busy and pretty active.  I had a great week, so now I need to take today to recharge and get back to it.  Although, my house feels sorta lonely... I miss my company.  LOL  I said the same thing when our friend moved out and when my SIL stayed with us and then left.  I really do like taking care of people.  LOL  It's weird.  Maybe it's because growing up, I saw my Mom doing it and it feels normal to me.  Probably not a good thing to some extent.  But good for when we have company and when things are going on! 

Anyways, I got up this morning and decided that this was as good a time as any to get my diet back in line.  It hasn't been horrible, but it sure hasn't been great.  So, I am starting this week off with IF.  I ate around 8 last night and I am not going to eat until 1 today.  I'll have an 8hr. window from 1 to 9 and then nothing after that.  Before I 'break my fast' I plan on working out.  I am going to 2 do meals and 1 snack.  I'm not really going to count calories, but I am going to try to eat pretty balanced which I am going to eyeball and attempt to keep at around 1200 to 1400 cals.  But we will see.  I just want to get into a good routine again.  School goes back here this week and hubby is on his long week, so now is as good a time as any to get back into a routine.  Especially since it's new so it can be pretty flexible.  :)  At least I'm hoping I can be flexible!  LOL  The actual get up and go thing may take a bit, but we'll get there.

So far, IF is going fine.  It's a smidge after 10 and I feel ok.  I wanted to get up and get my blog going while the kiddos did their thing of some breakfast and a show.  Now they are playing while I finish this up and get some coffee in me (black with Equal).  I've gotten so use to it black that I very rarely drink it with cream or milk anymore.  Usually only if I am out and I get an iced drink.  Pretty proud of myself for that!  I never realized how many cals I was taking in from it.  So, black coffee or hot tea has been all good for me.  It does help to have that to put in my tummy because it's warm.  I just hope that I can get a good kick start this go around and maybe even get under 185.  But we will see.  My weight this AM was 191... not sure what is up with that.  Well, other than my sleep is still a bit off and I had leftover Asian food last night.  But I think it's mostly sleep.  Not sure why, but lack of sleep always messes me up and I haven't been sleeping well.  I attributed it to youngest until hubby said he felt a bit off too... now I think it's the guest mattress that we slept on.  Now I get why people get bigger and bigger houses!  So they have somewhere to put everyone and they all sleep well.  LOL  We have a 4th bedroom, but since we don't get much company, we had changed it into a study.  We kept our upgraded futon and put it in the play room which is where we slept.  Now, we are short and this is a pretty nice mattress so we should've been OK, but its the only thing we can figure out.  Maybe we are just spoiled to that latex memory foam!  I'm not sure... but I guess we will see.  For me, it could've also been the excitement of having my friend here.  Who knows? Anyways, hoping that IF will help me to get kick started and get down into the low 180's.  I guess we will see.

So, the agenda for today is small.  I want to do some laundry as we burned through a lot of towels this last week.  But the rest of the house isn't too shabby at all.  Dishes got caught up last night and weren't bad since I had stayed on top of that.  All I really need is to help the kiddos out a bit with their rooms, maybe vacuum, dust and one day this week I plan on steaming the crap outta my floors.  Probably Weds. since oldest will be at school.  I may even take a day to steam clean my carpets.  The living room one is in rough shape since it is the most used, but I may make a pass over the one in the kitchen since it's flattened out from me standing there to wash dishes, etc.  But that is all later this week... I think today I will just work out, do some laundry and a bit of picking up, and maybe read a book.  I say that but I'll probably never get to the book.... that is always dependent on how the kiddos are!  LOL

OH.  I DO have one other thing today.  I need to get online and find a home-made facial scrub to help with acne.  I don't really have 'acne' but I am VERY broken out the last week or so and I have no clue why.  I've been drinking a large amount of water and it's not the monthly time, so this is all outta whack for me.  I think it may be from sleep, too.  But I am very due for a good facial.  So, I want something to exfoliate really well but then soothe the redness.  I have some face wash already, but I really want to do a scrub and maybe a mask.  So, we will see what I can dig up later or tomorrow.  I also need to color my roots.... I have a ton of little gray spots peeking through! 

I guess that is it.  Boring, yes?  LOL  Just wish me luck... ;)

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