Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crazy mad scale

I think my scale is almost dead.  It gave one accurate reading today and then a few wonky ones.  Nothing too drastic, just 181 and I KNOW that isn't right.  It actually sorta freaked me out because losing weight too fast can be a sign of illness.  So, I stepped back off, cleared it and reset it.  Waited a minute and tried again and it said 184.5.  I'm sure that is right.  But man alive did it give me a tiny heart attack!

Anyways, yesterday was a good day to get things done.  Upstairs is picked up and a lot of the wood got polished with orange oil.  It will need it again.  The wood is so old and dry, it just sucked it right up!  So, I may do another coat today just to be safe.  Kitchen got cleaned, bathroom straightened, sales organized, and even had oldest do some cleaning in his room.  I did lose my cool with them yesterday over the play room.  It was a MESS.  Oldest ended up helping me clean in the end and it's all put back together.  Of course, younger is playing down there now, so who knows what he's up to!  I also got a bit of laundry done.  But other than some towels/whites, I don't plan on doing any other laundry for a day or so.  I think I'm going to be good to go for vacay except for a couple of random things so we will see.

Food was right on track, but I didn't exercise.  I haven't exercised yet this week due to being sick but I sure hope to get in at least half an hour of the good stuff today in between running around!  LOL  I just don't want to overdo and set myself back.  I'm a bit worried about oldest -- he has seemed off the last couple of days.  I think maybe his cold turned into bronchitis.  But after looking at the symptoms, there isn't much to do for that other than what we did.  Well, ARE doing.  Which is the decongestant, cough meds, and the expectorant.  I just wish he was acting like himself.  Maybe he just needs a vacay, too!  And maybe I've been off, too.  I'm fried and I know for a fact I need a break.  LOL

Well, can't make this long today.  Play dates, errands and sales!  Mostly play dates and sales and only one errand.  LOL  But I've got to get up and get going if I'm going... otherwise I'm going to keep sitting.  OH OH OH!  Before I forget, I didn't get my dress hemmed.  I decided instead to rip apart a pillow case and practice to see how I was first.  My first couple of runs were horrid, but by the fourth shot, I had it pretty good!  I'm going to do a few more runs today and then go from there.  I figure even if it isn't perfect, its better than spending that atrocious amount.  Besides, I don't think anyone is going to get down on the floor and check my work.  LOL  And I'm never going to get much done if I don't just jump in and do it.  I've hemmed pants and done patches before, but nothing this big.  Maybe it's time I start!  OK OK, going for real now.  Laters!


  1. I hope DS feels better I know it must be hard when you have the vacay to prepare for and your little one is fighting the crud. Make sure to let us know how that dress turns out and good luck!

    1. The dress came out ok. I want to clean it up and do it better when I get home. I rushed through it. :/ It was ok, but could be better if I had taken my time. I should've done it sooner and not put it off! LOL

  2. I seem to have bad luck with scales. I believe that I have gone through three in the last three years. They always go nuts at some point and then read a completely different number each time I stand on them. Mine was doing that the other day, so I don't know if it needs new batteries or what the hell is going on.
    Last time I broke my scale I got a fancy one for forty dollars because I figured a pricier one would work better. Now I am not so sure.
    You freaked out about a loss? That made me smile.

    1. Yeah... I'm weird and freak out over sudden changes! LOL But this is the same scale I've had for a LONG time now! It's a cheap Taylor (ironically, my last name!) but has been VERY accurate. I went to the Dr. once and told them I wanted to check my weight there then go home to check and it was spot on. I've had it for a few years now, so if it's burning out, I guess it's about that time. :/


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