Friday, September 21, 2012

Really been MIA...

Sorry I've been so MIA the last week and a half.  We are home from vacay!  We got home late Sunday night/early Monday and well... its been never-ending since then! Monday we did a whole lotta nothing except for cleaning out the car and making grocery lists and getting oldest back to school.  We let him sleep in and took him in late, but at least he was there!  LOL  Tuesday we spent running errands and the such and we did end up going out for Mexican.  I cannot BELIEVE we were in FL and there wasn't one single great Mexican food place!  :O  Well, at least no where near the Destin area.  We found a couple of great other places like breakfast and Italian, but for the most part, we didn't eat out.  That is sorta the point of us getting a condo!  The only bad thing was our condo was lacking.  Our grill was busted and the manager was a pain and wouldn't do anything to help us out.  It was one of the main reasons we got the condo... and the packages of steak and porkchops on the bone!  SO WE COULD GRILL!  And then, we discovered (first night mind you) we had ONE fry pan.  ONE.  And it was old and scratched!  So, we ended up eating in a lot, but not as much as if we could've cooked easier.  I was so motivated that when we stopped at Ikea on the way home, we bought a new cookware set!  This is our THIRD!  I plan on getting rid of the majority of the 2nd set (they are crazy used and not in good shape) and all of the professional quality stainless steel.  Even though the pro set is nice, we never use it.  For a while we did, but you have to use oils/fats with it (and a lot at that!), it's heavy, huge, hard to clean, and just flat out not what we need anymore.  I am also going to let the majority of the utensils I have go with them.  They are mostly metal and would scratch the new stuff. 

This really got me to thinking about my kitchen and what I really use.  AND, it got me to thinking about the fact that in a year or so, we very well may be moving.  Hmmm... and the truth is, I don't think we can fit all of our current stuff into an apartment or condo.  Ok, I know we can't.  Not if we are going to get a place within our budget.  So, along with purging out a lot of stuff from the rest of the house, I guess I need to start purging out my kitchen and other things.  I mean, we have so much stuff... UGH.  I really need to get on it and get rid of a lot.  And another thing is I am not going to stockpile anymore.  From sales and couponing, I've built up quite a supply in my walk-in pantry and freezer.  I told my hubby a day or so ago, NO MORE.  We are going to start using up what we have and getting ready to move.  I don't want to move a bunch of kitchen stuff we don't use, food, and clothes that we don't need!  I want to just move what we need and go from there.  Which brings me to the clothes.  I'm doing great at weeding out clothes, but in doing so I realize that I need to get back to weight loss.  I did great before leaving for vacay and got to 183.5/184.0 (I got both numbers.  UGH).  I usually take the highest, but I was SO happy to see the 183.5!  Anyways, the day I got back from vacay, I weighed in at 191.  This AM (even with very little sleep and about to start my cycle) I got 189.  SO, I am hoping that after my cycle I will be back down around 185 and will start to move down. 

Overall, I felt I did really well eating while on vacay but there was definitely lots of drinking.  Plus, when we did eat out, we really enjoyed it!  LOL  But we were also really active going walking, swimming, and playing with the kiddos.  So while I am not happy about the 191, I feel it was pretty realistic.  But I also don't feel like I will get a 'real' number until next week.  Between the travel, getting back settled, and then illness hitting our house the last two days (youngest has run a really high fever the last two nights and been awake ALL NIGHT), I don't feel like the 189 is bad.  But I do feel like now or never is the time to get back on the wagon and lose this weight.  I'd really like to get down to the low 170's by Christmas.  I would settle for any number under 175!  Even 174.5.  LMAO!  And then after that, I want to focus on getting down under 160.  I don't want to take all of these 'fat' clothes with me.  Because I know that's what they will become to me once I get down lower.  HA!  Funny how your one time skinny clothes become your fat clothes!  Anyways, just another reason to get on with this and not poke around.  Now if I can just get other things to line up!  You know, like non sick kids and my hip healing where I fell.  Oh yes, I took a NASTY fall while down at the beach.  On the bay side, actually.  OY.  I am purple.  I will have to try to load that pic.  You won't believe it unless you see it.  I'll do another post just about vacay soon.  :)  I just feel all jumbled today and want to get things out.  LOL  But the hip is going to slow me down on getting back to working out.  It is really uncomfortable.  I think the fall took a toll on most of my body.  :/

Anyways, the whole point of this blog post is that I guess I wanted to say that I want to purge even more and get on track.  I realize we have a move coming up faster than I think and I need to get on it so I'm not killing myself trying to get it done at the last minute along with making tons of other decisions that I know come with changes like that.  So, I need to get on it now so I won't feel as overwhelmed then.  Because I know it will be overwhelming!  Plus... I want to feel good when I move and not be worried about moving and being considered the fat girl.  And even the hubby has said he realizes that he needs to start doing more.  He has always been great about eating whatever, but now I think he is going to attempt to make more time to workout.  It's hard when you are on rotating shift, but I think he can do it if he puts his mind to it.  I think he will probably do weights and cardio on days he isn't working and then maybe just light cardio or focused weights on days he's on day shift.  I think he should take night shift as his rest time since that shift is already so hard on his body.  But I think he can do it!  I know he isn't feeling great about his body and whatnot right now.  He's a good looking guy, but he is getting a bit... deflated?  And I mean in his confidence!  For whatever reason, his confidence has never been very high, but it seems more down lately.  I think his job is beating him up.  I think having a hobby and working out would be good for him.  He's been getting back to his hobbies, but I think the working out will be great for him! 

UGH.  Well, I need to get off of here and try to drugde up enough energy to maybe do some stuff.  After being up for two nights with little dude, I'm just wiped out and don't want to over do it.  But I can't stand a dirty house.  But then again, there will hopefully be another day!  And if not... well, then it won't matter!  LOL  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hope you had a wonderful vacation! Good luck getting back on track :)

    Have a wonderful weekend! It takes me a few days to ease back onto normal routine so don't be too hard on yourself! Baby steps!

  2. It's good to hear from you, and I am glad that your vacation went well.
    So, wait a minute here, you want to get rid of a fancy stainless steel set of cookware? Girl, you crazy. I suppose if you don't use it though, there is no sense in keeping it around. I want to get rid of most of my stuff and just start over and get a new set. I have a nonstick set that used to be nice, but none of my roommates would remember to use plastic utensils with it- so the non stick is totally destroyed. They did the same thing with the wok that I have, so I need a new one of those too.
    I am never buying nonstick again. So tired of having it get wrecked because people don't pay attention. I'll have my eye on a stainless steel set- or I'll get porcelain or enamel without the nonstick.
    I gained about six pounds while we were on vacation, and I've only dropped two of it since we've been back. Things have been so hectic around here, but now that everything has calmed down I believe that my weight is experiencing a downward trend. My goal is to be at 190 by January first of 2013- which is a 1.5 pound loss per week.
    We'll get there eventually. I just know it!
    Getting rid of things is liberating in my opinion. I've been bagging up stuff to take to Goodwill since my cousin and her kids have moved out, and I always feel good about that.

  3. Welcome back from holiday, Jewlz! Geez, wish I could run down to Destin for a bit - sounds sooo nice.

    I too have a professional set of cookware that I rarely use. When I did use it it was to cook/braise/brown cuts of meat that I very rarely eat anymore. I love it but it just doesn't fit my new lifestyle of low-fat, low meat.



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