Saturday, September 22, 2012


Boy, am I spot on with things or what?  I said yesterday that I should be starting my cycle, and I did last night!  It was one day early, but that DOES help explain the munchies I've had lately that I've been working on taming.  I don't think I did a great job yesterday.  Between exhaustion and being stressed, I went over cals by having some Cajun and sweet trail mix.  I did fine for meals, but not so great at snacks and this last one put me way over.  UGH.  I'm working on doing better every day.  It's the only way to get back on track for me.  I guess I should explain why I am so tired and stressed.

I mentioned in my last post about needing to continue purging and now I have even more reason.  I realized last night that I have let our budget slide too much over the last few months and now I need to rein it in.  Its my fault, and I feel horrid.  I've shopped too much and eaten out too much.  Ok, all of us have!  But we have due to stress.  Hubby's horrid schedule and then issues at his job and his school on top of that.  And Engineering school is a BITCH!  Then just issues with the house and lack of social life... we've been self-soothing with shopping and eating out.  So now, along with purging out the house, we're going to purge out our pantry and freezer by eating at home and cutting down on grocery shopping.  Which we need to do anyways... we have half a cow in there that isn't being eaten and we need to eat it so it doesn't waste.  So, I have decided that we need to go through and catalog both the upstairs and downstairs freezer so that we know what we REALLY have.  I may even do the pantry and the cabinets.  We will see.  But the gist is I feel guilty and like I've let too many things go trying to deal with stress.  Hubby said it was his fault, too and we just needed to get on top of it.  I am gonna do it.  And we're going to do this.  We just need to get back to our budget.  But now I am feeling stressed out a bit again.  UGH.

Exhaustion is the result of travel, shopping, travel, coming home and trying to set up house again, and then a sick toddler who has been up pretty much all night for the last 3 nights!  He's driving me mad.  I don't know what to do!  I'm exhausted and can barely move.  Typing and making coherent thoughts is difficult, but its helping me to get my mind in line.  It's like talking to someone but not, if that makes any sense.  That's another stressor -- we somehow managed to make tons of friends while on vacay.  We hung out with them and had a great time.  But now we are back and at square one again.  BLEH.  It's just weird.  And it's making me grumpy.  LOL

I hope I can make it through today.  Yesterday was about survival and I am thinking that today will be another day like that.  I just want to get my snacks on track and try not to stress or over-eat.  And make a game plan for the budget if I can.  *sigh*  I am also trying to figure out which pics to post and what-not from our vacay.  It wasn't perfect, but we had a REALLY good time and I just didn't want to let little things get to me.  Wasn't worth it.  I was actually quite surprised at myself.  I tend to let things get to me and eat at me, but I am getting better at letting little things go.  I'm trying anyways!

Ok, I am going to get off of here for now and maybe cruise FB a bit and then attempt to do a bit of housework.  Not much -- but a bit.  I'm just too tired and don't want to do something and make myself in worse shape.

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  1. Sending you hugs.
    I am sure that you guys will get back on track. Having such a well stocked freezer and pantry will surely help with grocery bills, because you might be able to skip shopping for a while.


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