Friday, October 5, 2012


Not sure what is going on with my weight, but it's up to 187.  The only thing I can figure is that the soup I made was higher in salt than I thought... but I know I didn't add much salt and everything was made from scratch.  So... a bit disturbed by this number.  I know I've not been super strict on my diet lately, but I've also not been going over.  I guess after tonight, I may need to get back into the habit of nit picking because I'm just not seeing how I'm going over...  Not enough to GAIN two pounds anyways.  It's just weird.  AND, I'm super tired.  I wish whatever this little bug is would hurry up and skeedaddle on outta here.  I'm working through it the best I can, but it hits me at times and I just feel like a slug.  Like right now.  BLEH.  The sooner it passes, the better off I will be.

I am SO excited that we are getting a date night tonight!  We're going to try to go to at least one haunted house or walk and dinner.  If we have time for shopping, we're going to do that, too.  I think we will do dinner first, then whatever, and then maybe a snack later since we ALWAYS end up doing the other and then end up not being able to get a nice dinner because everywhere is closed.  So, going to do things a bit differently tonight.  And seeing as how it is already 3 and I just finished lunch, by the time I finish some laundry and mowing, it will be time to shower and get ready.  Then when the sitter gets here a bit after 6, I will be getting hungry!  I wonder where hubby wants to go for dinner???  Hmmm....  Italian sorta sounds good but so does some sort of Asian... I LOVE Asian food.  All kinds of it!  Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai.... YUM  YUM YUM.

Well, I need to get rolling if I'm going to.  This yard won't mow on it's own!  And I'd like to get a few things done after that if I have time.  Have a great weekend everyone!  :D

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  1. Sometimes our weight just fluctuates on a daily basis so as long as it's a downward trend. I wouldn't worry too much about it!

    I would drink more water today and see where it goes from there.

    Have a fab weekend! Enjoy date night :)


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