Thursday, November 8, 2012

Moving on...

I really wish this cold would get gone.  I'm sick of being sick already.  I am NOT a good sick person.  AT ALL.  I just hate it!  I take all of my meds, try to rest, try to drink fluids, etc.  But being with the kiddos all the time, it's hard to do that sometimes!  Thankfully my hubby was off starting today so it's been a bit better.  But we DID have some things we had to get done today.  As a result, I am now worn out and too tired to do too much.  My face on the left side feels sore and swollen.  UGH.  I think I need more meds.  :/

My weight this AM was 184!  Woot!  Happy to see that!  Even though I've not been trying to lose, I'm happy with that.  With being sick, I just wanted to maintain.  I'm hoping I'm doing something right and it doesn't come back!  lol  I'm not even working out.  Just trying to stay busy when I can and eating pretty good and well... I'm tickled with the 184.  LOL  And on top of that goodness, I got up this AM and my feelings about all of the election mess were greatly improved when I saw that a lot of it had let up online.  I think during the next election, I may not vote either way.  I think since I don't seem to go 100% either way with the two big parties, and that all they seem to want to do is fight, I may just follow a different party all together!  Of course, that will really depend on who is running.  But either way, for now, things seem to have calmed down and I am thankful.

Not much is going on this way.  We are still trying to get going on the dog run and carport.  The dumpster was delivered late today but it's fine since we had some things to do earlier.  Hubby is picking up carport supplies now (they didn't have a truck last night).  So, slowly but surely hopefully we can get going with it.  Tomorrow I hope to be working on some painting while the hubby loads the dumpster.  After that, hopefully we can get to rocking and rolling.  A lot will depend on how I feel.  Right now, I am still feeling cruddy.  :/  But maybe after a good dose of meds, a good nights sleep, and taking it easy for the last few hours I will be good.   Oh crap.  I just remembered I need more exterior caulk and some spray primer.  UGH.  I need to try to remember that so that tomorrow I have everything I need to finish my stuff.  Oy.  I think my brain is shot.

Ok, going to get off of here for now and try to relax.  Hope everyone is having a good Thursday!


  1. I hope you and your family all feel better soon. I hate when anyone in the family gets sick because it feels like it'll spread around and continue to linger.

    Sending you well wishes and positive energy! xoxo

  2. Hey! I hope you are doing okay! :(
    I'm sorry I havent' been on a lot b/c of school, but it sadden me to see you sick! I know, being sick suck! But You'll get through it. Get a lot of rest and drink plenty of water. You'll be done with it in a week! :)

    And congratz on your weight. Your losing weight gradually by the months, and your also keeping it off! Congratz! :D It's nothing something anyone can do! You are truly amazing! ^__^

    As for the election, I also didnt' vote! x) I wanted too, but I was stuck b/c it was a day before the midterm. haha, either way. I hope you are okay, and I hope to see you well soon! Keep us updated! :)


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