Monday, November 26, 2012

Decision time

Well, it's decision time.  Hubby is on nights starting last night so today I need to be up and doing stuff, but the question is what?  It is COLD outside.  But it is suppose to be warmer later.  I'd LOVE to do some work in my front yard to winterize my front flower beds.  Especially my side bed which never got done due to the sewer lines.  The week we went to work on them, the water company came through and said that they were going to be digging up the front half so there was no point in us starting anything there.  So, I'd like to work on that, but it would need to be later when my oldest was home because I worry about youngest getting away from me.  Although, oldest has karate tonight.  UGH.  So that means that we won't have time.  I guess if I want to get anything done, I will just have to take youngest out there with me and give him enough stuff to play with to keep him busy!  Plus, move my car down so he can ride in the driveway.  I guess we could do that.  But there is just so much I could do but DANG am I TIRED.  UGH.  I need to get our study in order... I need to clean up flower beds... I need to do this that and everything!  It never ends.  Always so much to do.  Did I mention I need to do some cyber shopping, too?  Yeah.  I think I may leave that up to hubby.  lol  Except for the jackets I'm about to order.  Oldest needs a couple of new jackets and I've found some really cute ones online!  At GOOD prices!  Plus, I have some Kohls cash.  LOL  Glad I shopped online on Black Friday and got it!  I'll basically get one jacket free.  2 jackets for $50?  Yes, please!  One is 'transitional' and one is heavyweight.  He put his heavy one on this AM and the arms are just a smidge too short.  The transitional one he has is just starting to look like it isn't going to fit much longer which means it probably will be a smidge small come Spring.  So, I plan on just getting two and being done with it.  Younger has the hand me downs from oldest since we tried to buy good quality so they would last.  The Gap Kids one we got has held up really well along with a couple of other 'no name' brands.  For the most part, all of them have held up.  I think we have only had maybe one that didn't and for the life of me, I can't remember which brand it was!  Oh well... hopefully the ones I buy now will hold up well.

My weight this AM was 186.5.  I totally expected that.  I am SWOLLEN!  And sore!  Probably from being on my feet so much for the last few days.  My feet seriously hurt.  :/  I tried to take it easy for most of yesterday but there were just things that needed to be done.  Like, we needed to use the rest of the dough up so hubby made cinnamon rolls.  I made the icing and then still had dough so I decided to use all of our leftovers to make turkey pot pie.  Then the kitchen was looking rough so I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and handwashed some pots and pans.  Then boys rooms, laundry and a few other things that can't be done with hubby in bed.... so... my lazy day became not so lazy.  LOL  I tried.  I really did.  I probably should take today easy.  My body is hurting.  But man, I really want to get up and do a few things!  I just don't know how wise it is when all of me is hurting like it is. Maybe I will just do some small housework things today and save the outside stuff for tomorrow.  I'm sorta tired, too.  It was a late night and early morning around here.  I probably should take it as easy as I can today and drink lots and lots and lots of water and other fluids.  We'll see... every time I try to take it easy, I end up doing a ton.  LOL

Well, now this was a rambling blog and kinda pointless, huh?  Oh well... you all know that I am boring by this point.  Hopefully I figure out what I'm doing today and get to it or not... you know what I mean.  I really probably should take it easy.  Have a great week!


  1. Ha, you aren't any more boring than I am. I feel like most of my posts in the last year have made me seem like a stressed out crazy person.

  2. When my feet are swollen, I like to actually lay on my back and raise my legs propping them against the wall. (Upsidedown L shape). I also massage my calves by running my fists along the length of it trying to move the fluids along? Good luck with everything

    Feel better! I nominated you for an award on my blog!


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