Sunday, December 30, 2012

Back in the saddle

I'm up and trying to get rolling.  But I am for sure back on the saddle!  I wish I was 100%, but I'm not.  But I'm still up and on it and moving forward.  I'm sure you're wondering what I'm talking about -- I'm talking about working out.  I finally tried it out yesterday and while still a bit uncomfortable, I did it!  I really only needed to modify a couple of the Pilates moves.  So, it wasn't bad at all.  I may need to find a couple of alternatives, but so far, so good. The only bad thing is, my parents have now decided that they DO want the bike downstairs, so I will need to find alternate ways to work out.  I really need to walk the dogs more, but finding the time and not being sick is the main issue there.  I think that is yet another reason why Winter is so hard.  Cold and icky.  LOL

Diet is getting back to normal.  We didn't have many leftovers this year, so that has helped a LOT.  Leftovers take forever to get through and you end up eating them mostly out of guilt.  And with the economy so shitty, it's hard NOT to feel guilty over food waste.  So, I was quite proud that I didn't over-cook and that there was really no waste.  :)  Proud Proud Proud!  Yesterday was the first day that I believe I was seriously on track. I had to have been right at 1600 cals for the day and I worked out.  Good times.  I guess I could've waited until after the first of the year, but seeing as how I've been working on weight loss now for the last couple of years (off and on) it seems silly to 'start over' just because it's a new year.  I'm just continuing on.  But I really am going to make a go of losing weight and getting much lower this year.  That's why I am just getting back at it.  No point in waiting when in the long run, it's just another week towards being healthy.  :)

I think the big 'trick' for me is to eat a fruit or veggie at every meal. It really works well.  Not much room for junk if you have a serving or two of the good stuff on your plate!  Another thing I've noticed is that I'm not eating very much fat anymore.  Mostly because it seems like whenever I eat dairy, I get gassy and uncomfortable.  I'm not sure if I have a lactose problem or a gallbladder problem.  Because I seem to remember having that issue at least once before but I hadn't had any dairy.  But who knows?  Either way, I know that my fat has been cut way down due to that and it wasn't intentional at all.  Just... a side effect.  And well, ounce for ounce fat is the highest in cals so I guess in a way that is good.  Dairy is where I use to get most of the fat in my diet.  Not that I'm not eating any good fats -- I am.  Just not many from dairy anymore.  Good thing I take a Vit D supplement! 

Christmas here was good but the house is still a bit in shambles.  Between the sickness, tons of people here, and then tons of gifts, the house is still in rough shape.  I really should get off of here, work out, and then get to work on the house.  SO much to do!  Like finish up some work on an armoire I want to get rid of and then more work on the downstairs.  Just SO MUCH STUFF!  I need to store things, donate things, and sell things.  It's a never ending battle.  I may end up just donating a large portion.  I just want it out!  OK OK... time to get to it.  Off I go to finish up coffee and get on with my day!


  1. Happy New Year! :) I hope you are doing well! Stay strong!!

  2. Happy new year, lady!
    The fruit and vegetables at meal time is a great way to easily cut calories and improve any meal. I always try to remember "Well, half of my diet is supposed to be fruits and veggies, so how am I doing here..." Some days go better than others. Veggies are mostly so low in calories, and filling up on them first is so ideal- just wish my brain could agree with doing that at all times.
    We had, like, ZERO leftovers from Christmas. Some people gave us cookies, but I was all cookied out at that point, so I didn't eat many of them anyway.


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