Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bo on the Go

My youngest is sitting here watching 'Bo on the Go' and it's starting to annoy me.  She keeps saying she needs more energy and she wants mine.  Then she says she can feel my energy -- I swear, I think the little witch is sucking it out of me!  I am soooooo very tired today.

My last few days have once again been pretty productive, but I'm worn out simply because my insomnia has come back with a vengeance.  I don't know WHY it has flared up out of the blue, but I am severely annoyed and wish it would go away.  Between that and my youngest not sleeping well, I'm feeling like a zombie.  I flipped out during the night with him and I don't normally do that.  But I totally flew off my rocker cursing and slamming things.  He just rolled over and went back to sleep but I was so annoyed.  I go to bed and just lay there.  Then just when I think I'm asleep, he's up.  Then something beeps.  Then he's up.  Then the alarm goes off and I have to get oldest off to school.  Then I fight to go back to sleep.  Then in the blink of an eye, I'm up again with youngest.  It's starting to wear me thin.  VERY thin.  It's not like youngest does it on purpose -- he's just a toddler.  But sometimes I feel like the Universe is conspiring against me.  LOL  I think that's what the cursing and slamming is about.  I think I'm mad at the grand scheme and need to blow off steam.  I've really been trying to be good about cussing.  I don't think I'm horrid to begin with (except when mad), but I feel like it's just a habit.  A habit I've been working on.  But last night I was so annoyed I think I had to blow off steam or explode.  lol  I wasn't really cursing at him, just at the situation.  UGH.  But still. 

So now, now I am just about too tired to move.  I have things I would like to do, but I'm just so tired my body isn't liking me.  I would LOVE to run to Home Depot and Lowe's to get some blinds.  I would LOVE to make a return and possible exchange at Kohls.  I would LOVE to dust the whole upstairs, mop the floors, and give the bedrooms a good once over and possibly pick up some downstairs.  But right now, at this very minute, I'm doing good to be sitting here and holding my head up typing this blog.  And I'm hungry.  I want deviled eggs.  I'm not sure why, I just do.  It sounds SO good.  And I want them like yesterday.  LOL  I'm not sure if I want them truly deviled or egg saladish.  I think truly deviled with buttered toast on the side and some fresh fruit.  NOM NOM  So far all I've had is some powdered sugar donut mini's.  They were ok, but not what I would typically have.  I was just being lazy.  And I had them alone with no fruit or meat or anything so that's probably why I'm craving protein.  I'm still not use to eating many carbs, so this is unusual for me.  I do eat toast most mornings, but it's a hearty multi grain with minimal butter and 100% fruit.  So... yeah.  Stepping out of routine this AM!  But I was sorta hoping that the extra carbs would give me a 'boost'.  No such luck.  Back to normal eating (well, for me). 

I just popped my eggs in and here's to hoping they bake up well.  I used the baking method over the holidays and it worked out sooooo great the first time.  The second time, not so much.  I'm not sure what didn't go well, but I'm thinking that because there was so much food in the oven, it was 'hotter' than what it said.  The more stuff in the oven, the hotter.  So, I'm starting them out in a cold oven, set the timer for an added 5mins., and going from there.  I hope they come out good... I really want those eggs.

Well, I'm not really feeling any perkier so I think I am going to take today off.  It's almost 2, and I still feel... achy and blah.  And I'm afraid if I don't take one day easy, I'm going to end up getting sick or something.  And since hubby starts his 7 day soon, I'd like to be productive then and take today off.  I see HGTV, deviled eggs, and maybe a book in my future.  And lots of doing nothing.  It's sort of a dreary day out, so it's probably a good day to be lazy.  I hate to waste it since it's warmer out than normal, but most of what I would need to do is inside anyways.  I do have outside stuff I could do, but I just don't think I have it in me today to do it.  No matter how much I want to. 

OK, I am off.  Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. Lack of sleep makes me feel too icky to be productive so you are amazing for still juggling all your responsibilities.

    Are you anxious about anything? I tend to lose sleep when I'm nervous or excited about something that's coming up? If not, has your caffeine intake changed? I find that yoga or calm music helps me sleep better. Meditation?

  2. Hmm, looks like I'm not the only one who hasn't posted in a while. I hope you are getting some sleep. Try 5-HTP and L-Theanine- that's what I use when I've got insomnia troubles.


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