Monday, December 17, 2012


I can't talk about what happened.  I just can't.  You see, the reason being is that my oldest child is 7.  And right now, I just either get so emotionally upset or so angry that I can't deal with it.  So, for once, I am going to choose not to talk about what I consider a major life event.  I just can't.  So, I am going to blog about the other things and leave that wound alone.

The last few days have been nothing spectacular.  I did take a day to do some major cleaning but then I decided yesterday and the day before to just take it easy and not do too much.  I've been trying to be up and going, but I just feel worn down so I figured I needed to just sit and read a good book and not keep working myself.  It's a good thing because last night some sort of bug hit our house and now my oldest feels like crud.  He made it through the night, but now this AM he still feels yucky.  So, we've kept him home, in bed, and resting.  I sure hope that he feels much better by this afternoon.  Poor thing just looks so pitiful.  I hate when he is sick.  But there will be no going to see Santa or Karate today.  Which is sorta sucky.  Because I don't think we'll get another chance to go see Santa.  I probably should call and let the instructor know we won't be there for class.  I just hate stomach bugs!  I hope the rest of the house doesn't get it, but that's usually how things go.  I just hate it for my youngest.  He's only 2.5 so it will be terrible for him.  He doesn't know to throw up in a bucket or to go to the bathroom.  It just goes everywhere!  Sorry to be graphic, but it's true.  I'm sorta worried about us adults being sick just because hubby will go back to work in a day or two and we've got so much going on.  I hate these weird and random illnesses!  I swear, I don't remember all this stuff going around when I was a kid.  Where did it come from???

Anyways, I haven't weighed in the last couple of days but my cycle finally did start.  Almost 2 days late.  That's unusual for me, but I'm guessing it's from stress.  I haven't felt all that stressed, but it's all I can think of.  I haven't been sleeping great, trying to get all the holiday stuff going, and then just everything else so it probably is stress.  Maybe I've been in denial!  I probably have.  But I also know that I've been trying to decide how I want to tackle this upcoming year.  This last year was pretty good for me.  I've been more active, I've been trying to eat more balanced.  I'm still getting in lots of water, but I've not done so well with my supplements.  If my regular weight of around 186 holds, then I will end the year 10lbs. lighter than last year.  Not a huge drop, but a drop.  No, I am not going to hit my goal (to be under 180), but that is ok.  I'm not going to be upset.  I would be upset if I had worked harder for it, but I haven't.  Especially not in the last few weeks!  I am just going to keep moving along.  But I do need to figure out if I want to focus more on weight-loss this upcoming year or if I want to keep going the same, if I want to be more disciplined or whatever... So far, I just feel neutral.  Maybe it's this time of year.  I just don't feel one bit rushed.  It's weird.  But I do need to start getting into some sort of gear.  Just not sure which gear!

Well, not much else to talk about right now.  I have been a shitty blogger lately and I'm not sure what has brought that on.  Maybe I'm more out of whack than I thought.  Hmm.... Try to have a great week everyone.  Off I go!


  1. I've been a shitty blogger lately too. Sometimes there's just too much going on, and I have a hard time keeping up.
    Hmm, the beginning of your post has me all curious. I hope everything is ok with you and your kiddies and husband. Sending love!
    A ten pound loss for the year is still a good loss, and I think you've come a long way this year. So far my loss for the year is ten pounds too, but I'm hoping to be down a few more by the new year.

    1. Oh, it wasn't my family. It was the Newtown, CT incident. My son is in 1st grade and the same age as several of the kids. I was a wreck over the whole ordeal and still can't hardly stand to talk about it. :/

      Thanks for the support on the loss! I'm happy to be going down and not killing myself. Mostly because, most people gain each year so I am happy to be consistently doing the opposite!


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