Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winding down

I'm trying REALLY hard to wind down, but I seem to be having a hard time of it.  I think that maybe, just maybe, those 8 cups of coffee are coming back to bite me!  Yeah... I for real nearly had 8 cups!  I used a different cup today and before I knew it, coffee was just about obliterated!  BUT, I got a lot done.  Our bedroom is back in shape other than dusting and vacuuming.  Same with the bathroom, but add in a toilet scrub.  The kitchen is actually looking decent and I hand washed a bunch of stuff.  Tomorrow I need to add cleaning out the refrigerator!  AND... I may do some baking.  I wanted to send some cookies to a few neighbors and businesses.  Still trying to decide on cards. If I have time, I need to go to the store.  I am LOW on tons of stuff.  Guess I need to stock back up on baking things, too.  Hmmm... Maybe I should skip baking tomorrow!  LOL  But I need to do some more laundry like my youngest's and some bedding.  So much to do!  We've been productive around here even if I haven't been with blogging.  I feel like I keep starting them, but I don't finish them.  Go figure.  And I have tons of photos I could put on here, too.  I will try to get a couple tonight if I can. 

We did so well.  We got some running around done like getting the door for the garage -- the old one was some fake hollow thing instead of steel clad.  So, that should help it be warmer!  We got the items for the fireplace and pantry.  And some other odds and ends.  Then we finished the carport, filled in some holes (which the damn dog promptly dug one up!) from the huge dirt mound (which we flattened), put in and leveled off the steps, and made an assessment of the fence for repairs.  And did I mention that today I spent almost the entire afternoon doing laundry and cleaning the cars?  Like, detail cleaning???  OY.  My car was dirty but no where NEAR as bad as the car we've been trying to sell.  I was determined to straighten it up and get new photos and get it sold.  But man alive was it dirty.  I love my friend, but she had big time neglected that car!  So, I cleaned out trash, vacuumed every square inch, wiped and scrubbed every exposed piece I could.  And then I took my old car mats and put those in there.  I even scrubbed some of the upholstery and headliner and realized that a good portion of the stains will come out if I have time to scrub them.  I was thinking I would need to buy seat covers, but I think all I really need is some more time to scrub!  Maybe tomorrow.  UGH.  Gotta prioritize.  But I did what I could today and did darn well.  Even the rims and tires got a good bath!  I will check it over again tomorrow.  I hope I can get it washed at some point, too.  I won't hand wash it -- it will be a car wash!  Too chilly to hand wash.  If it hadn't been in the high 60's today, it wouldn't have been washed inside!  HA!

As you can see, I've been super busy!  I'm staying active just doing the things I need to, but I've not been doing any workouts.  I need to start fitting that in soon, too.  Are there ever enough hours in the day????  I'm starting to feel like, no.  Anyways, I've been busy, but my diet is just.. not a diet at all.  I'm not counting calories or any of that jazz.  I did fine on breakfast (I'm digging this multi-grain bread with all natural strawberry spread) and I even did fine on dinner.  I think lunch was ok but my late night snack of some chocolates and snack mix is probably not the best.  And I am positive I've not gotten in enough water.  Probably only 20oz.  I mean, I'm drinking water now, but the night is almost over.  I need to go to bed soon.  It's after 1.  I should be in bed NOW. 

Seeing that makes me realize I need to go to bed.  I'm going now.  I want to be in bed by 1:30.  I don't have much time to do that!  G'night!


  1. Hey jewelz! Man I haven't Checked your blog in a while! Glad all seems to be going well! Sorry I haven't been around much.but I forget to check since I never blog anymore myself! Things are going well with me. 16 weeks pregnant today,and haven't gained weight yet! Yay! Trying hard to keep it all under control! Anyway,I'm glad your doing well! And take care!

  2. Hey, the year is almost over. Hang in there. Keep strong! :) I like how you always try. Despite your frustration sometime, you always try :) I think at the end of the day, that is really what matters most ^_^


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