Monday, January 28, 2013

A smidgeon

I am feeling a smidgeon (HA) frustrated.  I'm trying not to, but I am.  My weight?  Once again, 187.5.  HUH?  Ok, so I had a hamburger and fries for dinner last night.  But it was because I was thinking I really didn't care at that very moment.  Then I had a flash of STuPid!  So I promptly told that voice to shut up and I went online and looked and found a small burger with veg and a small fry for only 480 cals.  I had that and a diet root beer.  Dessert?  Berries with whipped cream and cinnamon crackers -- which I didn't finish.  My calories have been really good the last few days and yet, my weight has either stuck or gone up and I'm not sure WHAT that is about, but I am starting to get a tiny bit annoyed.  And frankly, I don't know where to go from here.  What do you do when you think you're doing what you should be and yet you can't figure it out?  I know what I'll do.  I'll wait it out.  But a big part of my brain wants to obsess, analyze, and figure out what the hell is going on.  Maybe I should track my food for a few weeks just to make sure I'm not tricking my brain somehow.  I guess I could do that on here pretty easy.  I could update through the day and then publish at night after I've written my blog.  Sounds good and basic.  Maybe I'm missing something.  What, I'm not sure.  But dang am I getting a bit frustrated!

OK, so I just went through and added my food at the bottom.  As I have mentioned before, my goal is to stay at or under 400 for each meal and my snacks/dessert to be under 200 for a grand total of 1600 per day.  If I got up earlier and went to bed earlier, I would have 2 snacks, but since I am a night person, my dessert is usually just another snack.  But is always a 200 calorie thing.  I keep it at 1600 because at that amount, I should lose unless I do NOTHING.  And well, I rarely have days where I do absolutely nothing.  I've tried before but it just doesn't work!  LOL  Anyways, even on a lazy day, if I eat at 1600 the worst would be maintaining.  So on days I work out, I should be pretty negative.  Anyways, after adding up my food, it looks pretty good and I can't figure out what went wrong and where.  I don't usually track my whole day just each meal.  And trust me, for me most of the time that is MUCH easier than trying to track a whole day.  So, now I am confused as to why...  UGH. I know I'm just going to have to wait this out.  And it sucks.  Maybe this is because I made a time goal.  That rarely seems to work for me and now I'm feeling like what if that is it?  BS is what it is and I'm annoyed!

On a good note, got in a good Pilates session tonight.  It wasn't super long, but I got in in between laundry and making dinner.  I even threw in a few extra tricep pumps.  It was good.  I wish I had more time for stretching, but I just didn't work it in.  I think it was 20 to 25mins. as it was and well, with both kiddos home I did what I could.  Anything that is planned, I am gonna count!  The bad thing is I forgot my vitamins today and I'm afraid to take them now on an empty stomach.  I'll make it work tomorrow. I also need to find a good stretching routine.  Still haven't found one I love. 

Ok, well, I am off of here for now to do some searching for a good stretching routine (for about the 10th time) and then I am off to bed.  Night!

2 Light Multigrain Thomas English Muffins -- 200
2 Tbsps. Kroger Crunchy PB -- 190
1 Tbsp. honey -- 60
Coffee black with aspartame -- 0
Breakfast Total -- 450
I think I was closer to 400 because I always over-estimate cals.  I use the bare minimum with PB and only a drizzle of honey.  I didn't measure today since I JUST decided to do it, but tomorrow I'll be measuring.

4 homemade pizza balls -- 400
2 Tbsps. Victorias marinara -- 10
Water -- 0
Lunch Total -- 410
I'm pretty positive of this number.  Each 'pizza' ball was actually ham and cheese and my addition came out to 98 each.  And the marinara actually came out to 8.  But again, I would rather round up a bit.  I'm happy with a 410!

4 slices of Kirkland lean ham -- 100
1 pear -- 100
Coffee black with aspartame -- 0
Snack Total -- 200

4 oz. chicken breast -- 110
1 Tbsp. Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ -- 35
I/2 c. green beans -- 20
1/2c mashed potatoes -- 140
Water -- 0
Dinner Total -- 305
I got what I feel is a fairly low # for dinner, but it could've been higher.  Hard to judge with mashed potatoes!  I did use a bit more butter, but I use a butter blend so... I don't know. 

Diet root beer -- 0
1c Breyers low carb ice cream  -- 180
Dessert Total -- 180

Today's total -- 1545


  1. Your goals look reasonable and your food looks pretty decent. Although I am not sure if I like the idea of pizza balls. Part of me thinks it sounds just strange enough to try.

    Anyway, you need a follower button because I would love to follow you. PLEASE! haha

    Kristen aka The Misc Mom

    1. Hi Kristen! I think I added a follow thing ad the top... but what I do is go to the page, copy the web link, then add it to my Blogger home page. Then every time someone posts a new blog, it shows immediately in my feed and I'm not getting tons of emails. :)

      I loved the pizza balls! They were super easy and could be super healthy depending on your fillings! The original recipe was colby jack cheese and pepperoni, but I used a light mixed cheese with ham. YUM YUM YUM! A friend of mine said she is going to do Feta, spinach, a mushroom, and maybe some type of meat but not sure what.

      I hope the follow thing works! If not, please let me know how to do it. LOL


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