Saturday, January 26, 2013

Icy and Lazy.

Yesterday was an icy and lazy day.  Well, sorta.  I did do a few things like pick up, change linens, make dinner, etc.  I even did 30mins. on the bike!  But it wasn't much.  I also cleaned up the kitchen pretty well but messed it up making dinner.  LOL  Not too bad, though!  I'll work that back out today when I finally get up and get rolling.  If you can believe it, I got up before the kiddos!  AND, my youngest slept through the night!  And did I mention the ice is melting?  Good stuff.  Thank you LORD!  :D

The last few days really have been pretty busy.  I did running around and errands on Wednesday with a friend (I think I posted that).  Thursday the hubby was off and we were pretty sure ice was coming that night/Friday morning so we decided to go and do all of the errands we needed to get done.  Which were quite a few.  We went to HD and got blinds (which I am going to return) and then to Costco for the hubby to get Sudafed.  It's a good deal there!  Then to Sally's where I got the second part of my birthday gift!  The first part was from Costco and it was a super nice make-up brush kit.  My old brushes were literally random pieces from a few old sets.  It was time to get new ones.  I was sick of making do.  So, hubby said to get them or the other ones from Sephora.  While I liked the Sephora ones, the price was insane to me considering the quality of the ones at Costco were very close.  Maybe even better.  I love them and can tell a huge difference between them and the ones I was using.  I don't know why, but they pick up so much more powder than my old ones and it goes on more even.  I didn't expect that.  But it's nice.  Anyways, from Sally's I got new hair rollers!  They were sorta expensive, but they are so so SO nice!  They are the flocked ones, but they came with metal lined clips so that the hair is heated completely through.  I tried out a section on just dry hair and it did SO great!  I think with product, it would be amazing.  I also got a free bag!  I love when you buy stuff and you get something for free.  I know the quality isn't great, but the bag should come in handy.  It's large and should do pretty great for hauling my Mom gear around.  And it's a dark teal.  LOVE.  Hubby got something, too.  He bought a traditional safety razor.  It's pretty frickin' cool!  I read about it on a frugal site that talked about not only being smart with your wallet, but with the environment.  And I have to admit, its bothered me for a LONG time to use disposable razors.  Even the ones with just the replaceable heads.  They will NOT recycle them here.  Apparently they are too much trouble to take apart.  So, we wanted a better option.  With the safety razors, you are only replacing a blade and the blades are steel so they are 100% recyclable!  AND, they are super cheap!  Hubby used it day before last and while he said it will take a little practice to get his technique down, it gave the best shave he's had since he went to a barber shop!  I'm excited to try it, too.  Can you imagine the money we save and the TRASH?  Good deal.

We also made it to Target.  They were out of diapers, but we got blinds and Legos!  LOL  My youngest is obsessed because my oldest is obsessed.  I was sick of the fighting so we decided to get him his own.  As a result, I think the other Lego sets are outta here.  We have 'real' Lego's and then Duplo and Mega.  We also have Jumbo, but they aren't made by Lego.  They are their own brand.  But since the Lego's made landfall, the other blocks have been ignored.  And they just take up too much space.  So, they gotta go.  LOL  And the foam blocks.  Not sure what to do with those.  Not sure if they can be recycled or not.  The cat has torn them up for sure, so I don't think they can be donated.  :/  Anyways, after seeing the blinds at Target, I think we are going to return the blinds to HD.  We hung them yesterday and are trying them out, but we will see.  I like the more natural ones because well, they are natural, but the other ones are a bit darker and I like them a bit better.   But they aren't very environmentally friendly... just budget friendly... hmmm... Decisions decisions. 

On top of all that running around, I didn't work out.  So, I missed two days in a row.  But I did work out yesterday like I said earlier.  I've been staying on top of food.  Most of all, not eating out.  Not only is that good for the waistline, but it's really good for the wallet!  LOL  We want to get some major debt wiped out in the next month or two.  We have a few big purchases coming up, and the only way to do that is to get rid of the things we've already bought.  Now if we could only get the things we bought DONE!  Like the fireplace.  I really want that done soon!  I'm worried we'll get another storm and lose power.  But my point is, I'm doing good on eating at home, eating small balanced meals, and little treats now and again but not many and mostly healthy.  However, the scale didn't move this week and I'm a bit annoyed.  I'm trying not to be -- I know not every good week will be a good loss.  But I am disappointed.  I had hoped for at least one pound so that I would have a good 4lb. loss.  I need to lose on average 2lbs. a week to meet my Anniversary goal.  Its not the end all be all, obviously, but I really would like to get under 180.  But right now, I am at 187.5.  So not only did I not lose, but I went up a pound.  :/  I have 8lbs. to get under 180 and 10 to be comfortably there.  I'm not sure what I did wrong this week to be honest.  I know it just doesn't always go as planned.  But it is somewhat frustrating.  I know I had a few meals that weren't perfect, but I cut back in other areas for balance.  Maybe I need to do a food journal again?  Maybe I need to drink more water?  I'm not sure what it is.  But like I said, I'm trying not to stress but these questions still go through my head.

Its weird how the human body works.  I think its why I get so frustrated with shows like BL (Biggest Loser) and all of the weight loss stuff.  I thought I'd see a lot at the beginning of the year, but its been in the last week or so that I've seen the most.  And frankly, it's annoying!  Not because I'm not happy for people who are trying to be healthy.  On the contrary, it bugs me because I think these shows and these methods have given people an unrealistic view of weight loss.  There is no magic pill, shake, or workout method.  A normal person WILL NOT lose 10lbs. or even 6lbs. a week.  MOST people (unless you are pretty heavy) will lose 0.5 to 2lbs. a week.  A few lucky ones will lose closer to 3, and occasionally you may have a really good week and lose more.  But the AVERAGE is 0.5 to 2lbs.  That type of loss is good and sustainable. AND, its better for you body!  So, it is frustrating to me when I see these shows and these adverts.  I have a friend who says shes going to drink these shakes and lose weight.  And that is it.  She is only 150lbs. and she's about 5'10 and she wants to lose 20lbs.  I told her she could lose weight if she just modified her diet a bit and got exercise.  Heck, she could do a lot of good just exercising because she is tall and not one bit chunky!  But she doesn't exercise AT ALL.  But yet, she expects these shakes to trim her up.  UGH.  No one wants the common sense answer -- they want an easy fix.  It is frustrating to me.  Then all of that negative stuff gets caught in my brain and I get frustrated with myself.  Like right now.  I keep telling myself that it is fine and that I don't have to lose a chunk every week.  But I think I'm upset because I went up a pound.  UGH. That little voice needs to shut up and let my brain do the working. 

Speaking of working, I'm not helping anything sitting on here.  So, I'm going to bring this to an end, maybe read a few blogs, and then get to work.  I need to lay out something for dinner, do some housework, and fit in a workout.  Hope you are all having a great weekend and aren't still iced/snowed in!

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  1. Hmm, a gal who is 5'10" and weighs 150 doesn't really need to lose any weight. She would do better to focus on working out and toning up. Put away the dang scales and focus on healthy eating and working out.
    I finally had to put mine away into the closet because I get too upset when the scale doesn't go down the way that I want it to. Weighing in does not make me more accountable or really help at all- what it does is make me a wacko.


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