Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting it going

So, I started my food log here this AM and it can be found down at the bottom.  My weight today was 187.0.  I guess that's a good way of getting going with physically writing down my food to see where I'm at and what I could be doing wrong.  I also worked out today.  AND, might I add, I ended up doing more exercise in the form of stretching.  I found two full body stretch routines on YouTube and I'm going to combine them.  One was a great upper body and the other a great lower body.  But I felt like the first lacked in lower and the second in upper.  The best conclusion is to combine the ones that work for me.  The upper body was FANTASTIC and it really, and I mean REALLY, relieved some upper back and neck tension.  I'm thinking of doing that part almost daily just for relief!  Back to my point -- I got in more exercise last night and then had another workout day today.  That's 2 days already this week.  I'm shooting for more!  :D

However, I was once again annoyed to see that 187 on the scale.  I feel like screaming at it right now!  SERIOUSLY!  I know the scale isn't alive but I feel like its such an asshole right now.  Its not like its doing it on purpose and TRYING to tick me off, but that is EXACTLY how I am feeling right now.  And I don't like it.  Not one bit!

UGH.  It's late now and I'm tired.  I will write tomorrow if I have time!

Here is my menu for today:

2 (small) slices of Kroger Multigrain bread -- 120
1 Tbsp. butter blend -- 50
2 Tbsp. ED Smith preserves -- 50
2 clementines (3oz) -- 70
4 slices of bacon -- 160
Black coffee with aspartame -- 0
Breakfast Total -- 450
Hmmm... went over a bit here... oh yeah, I had FOUR slices of bacon instead of 2 or 3.  But it was SO DAMN GOOD.

1 thin crust Sabotino's (?) pepperoni pizza -- 300
1 whole pear -- 100
Lunch total -- 400
It's official -- I'm addicted to these little pizzas.  One of those and some fruit and I'm GOOD.

1 Fruit and Grain bar -- 140
Coffee --0
Snack Total -- 140

1/2 avocado with salt and pepper --80
14g tortilla chips -- 70
2c romaine --  20
4oz taco meat --108
1/3 c Kirkland Mexican cheese -- 110
2 Tbsp. black bean and corn salsa -- 15
Total -- 403
I may be a bit over or under.  I had to estimate because I did full servings starting out but got full so I didn't finish.  On the chips, I re-weighed and for sure only had half a serving.  I took off 20 cals for not finishing one slice and a half of the avocado.  I only ate half of the meat but the cheese and romaine were in there too along with some salsa, so... yeah. Although, I picked out most of the romaine.  YUM.  So, I'll say I had probably between 400 and 450.  Just weighed my meat and it was close to 2oz. left.  So, I hope that number is about right.

1c LC Breyer's ice cream -- 180
Diet Root beer -- 0
Dessert Total -- 180

Today's Total -- 1573

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