Thursday, January 31, 2013


I feel like Didi and I keep bouncing off of each other.  She posts something that gets me, I post something that gets her, back and forth... If you've never read her blog, you must!   It is HERE.  She writes a little of everything, but mostly about her transformation and growth.  My blog is massively boring in comparison!  Anyways, I'm feeling inspired by Didi to put my scale away for a bit.  Maybe I AM lingering over the numbers too much and right now I need to focus on being good to myself.  Aka, good food, good exercise, and time for myself.  I feel like I've been doing that, and getting better at it.  BUT, do I worry over the number too much?  Something to ponder and ponder it I will.  Probably later when I am out walking or on the bike.  That's usually my thinking time.  :)

2 orange cinnamon rolls -- 320
2 slices of bacon -- 80
4oz. blackberries -- 50
Breakfast total -- 450
I can't seem to get lower than 450 most days for breakfast.  Well... I CAN but the hubby made cinnamon rolls since its his day off.  I had them, but within moderation.  I could've been spot on without the blackberries, but I'm not leaving out a good fruit just to be lower cal.  I could've had less bacon, but I prefer to get in a decent dose of protein.  And folks, I love bacon!  In moderation, of course!  ;)  So, I'll take being over by 50.

1 beef stew -- 250
1 pear -- 100
1 piece of toast -- 60
Lunch total -- 410
I'll take it!

1 orange cinnamon roll -- 160
Coffee -- 0
Snack Total -- 160
I just grabbed coffee and something quick.  Busy busy today!

2 slices of Pizza -- 350
2 oz of Carrots -- 23
3 oz Cucumber -- 13
Ranch powder (for popcorn) -- 8
Diet orange soda -- 0
Dinner total -- 394

3 Truebliss strawberries --  150
5 pieces of crunchy snack mix -- 50
Dessert total -- 200
Ok, I know it was less than this because I didn't come close to eating even half of a half of a serving of the snack mix but meh. 

Today's Total -- 1614

Woot Woot!  Pretty darn happy with that number and pretty positive I was under it since I just completely rounded up on the dessert because... I was too lazy to do any extensive math.  LMAO!  I didn't work out today, BUT I have drunk 2 big glasses of water, I did take my vitamins, AND I stayed busy helping the hubby do a bunch of stuff outside, in the garage, and in the play room and office.  :D  It was pretty good!  Sorry today's blog is mostly food and my feelings, but I kinda feel like this is what I need right now.  It doesn't help that the hubby is home and I'm tired.  But oh well, it is what it is and maybe over the next few days I will get more interesting.  I am STILL thinking over what I want to do with the scale.  Some part of me says ditch it, the other part of me says, you ditch it and you're going to fall of the wagon hard core.  I don't think that second part is really true.... I tend to eat pretty well even when I'm not tracking, but that little nasty voice comes through anyways.  I've decided I'm not putting a time limit either.  As much as I would LIKE to be down under 180 by my Anniversary, I know that if I pressure myself, instead of losing I'll fall off of my game because I'll get down when I don't see movement.  It was a hard decision, but I just don't like time limits because I frustrate myself.  Maybe that's why I need to get rid of the scale, too.  Maybe I just need to focus on the food and the exercise and not the number.  I don't know!  PONDERING.

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  1. Stop it, you're making me blush.
    Yeah, we have been on a bouncing kick for several months now. Which reminds me that I forgot to tell you- ya know how you colored your hair soft black? Welllll, I colored my hair soft black a few days prior to reading that post. I used it because I got a free sample of that John Frieda foam hair dye stuff. I picked soft black because I usually pick something reddish, and I wanted to mix it up. HA!

    I decided to focus on workouts, water water water, balanced eating, and keeping in my calorie limits instead of driving myself bazonkers with scaley-poo. That's the real work, right? I know that I've lost weight since I shoved the scale in the closet, and I think I'll just lose without knowing the number for a couple of months to see how I feel about it.


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