Saturday, February 2, 2013


Aargh.  We got ripped off.  NO SNOW.  I am annoyed.  I had wanted some good snow for today.  But I guess we will make do and head to Costco here in a bit.  I guess I'll be eating samples... but not unless its something I REALLY want to try.  There are a few things but I'm not going to go crazy.  They don't usually have all the things I want to try.  But trying that new Dannon Greek Yogurt is how I found it there.  I've tried a lot of Greek Yogurts and besides the real Fage, this is my fave!  SO DARN GOOD!  But I won't just eat random ones just to eat them.  Gotta keep'er goin'.  Weight this AM was 187.5, which I don't really understand.  But it is what it is.  I drank a ton of water yesterday, I'm eating right on.... I really thought I'd see the 186 again by now.  Maybe I DO need to put the scale away for a bit.  :/  I am feeling a TINY bit frustrated.  But I'm going to try hard to not let it eat at me too much.  I'm doing what I need to do and eventually it will happen.  I just can't focus on the number.  I need to focus on doing what I'm doing like food, water, and exercise.  And projects.  LOL  I have lots and lots of projects!  I'll get to that a little later!  ;)

1 cinnamon raisin English muffin -- 140
1 Tbsp. butter blend -- 50
1/2 Tbsp. honey -- 30
3 slices of bacon -- 120
4oz. raspberries -- 59
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast total -- 399
Woot!  Happy with that and it was a satisfying breakfast.  This may be my go-to for the next few days.  YUM YUM YUM!

Snacks at Costco -- 300?
Diet Dr. P and Coffee -- 0
Lunch total -- 300
We went to Costco for our shopping and I tried a few things.  I had a couple of crackers with cheese, spinach dip and hummus.  I also had coffee and Diet Dr. Pepper.   And one square of pizza.  Hmm.... 300 is probably way too high.  I was probably closer to 300 but better safe than sorry.  I also had a piece of ham then chicken and some granola.  Just remembered that.  OH.  Sausage!  THAT'S why I was thinking 300 while I was there.  SAUSAGE WITH JALAPENO!  Like sausage you cook with not the breakfast kind.  YUM YUM.

1 serving pita chips -- 130
2 servings pine nut hummus -- 160
1 pear -- 100
Total --  390
I wanted to stay closer to 300, but I ended up eating 4 tbsps. of the hummus instead of 2.  I weighed it by grams, and man alive, that dense stuff adds up FAST.

Just had about half of a cookie.  It's some sort of 300 layer butter thing.  I had a couple of bites plain and a few bites with PB and honey.  They are 110 each so there's another 110.  BAD ME!  But... it was so good!  LOL  I see a bit of extra time on the bike tomorrow.  LOL  I'm at about 1200 right now, but will be closer to 2000 I'm sure since I will be going out with the hubby tonight.  DATE NIGHT!!!!!  YAY!

1 small bowl Miso soup -- 75
1 spicy tuna roll -- 300
2 tempura roll sections -- ?
1/2 ginger salad -- ?
hot green tea w/honey -- 60
 Frozen yogurt -- ?

I have NO idea of my totals for dinner and dessert but I believe I was under 800 or right at.  Which would have today's total at around 2000.  I'll take it.  We also did a lot of walking.  :)


  1. I'm sorry if I overstep my bounds with this comment. I obviously don't know exactly how much you ate so it is all speculation. I actually think your estimation of 300 calories for your Costco snackage is a little low. If you had a TBSP of everything you mentioned I still calculate you snacked to be upwards of 400. I also calculated what I thought you meant for dinner (2 pieces of a tempura roll right?) and I assumed a 16oz container 1/2 filled with frozen yogurt (going off how our yogurt places serve here in WA) and I calculated approximately 985 for dinner. Add in the rest of your meals and your total is 2174-ish.

    I just wanted to tell you that at 187lbs it takes approximately 1900 calories to maintain that weight. Of course there are variances depending on how much muscle you have and any other factors such as diabetes or other GI problems.

    But perhaps (and again I am sorry if this sounds rude or like I am over stepping my bounds) but if you are slightly underestimating your calories then you could be sitting at maintenance calories and maybe that is why the scale has not popped down to 186 yet?

    Just a third party view looking in. I hope it doesn't offend. My intention is only to help. :)

    1. No no! You're good. I didn't eat much at Costco. The hummus is only 80cals for 2 tbsp. The pizza square was literally maybe 2 bites and it was plain cheese. Maybe your Costco is different, but ours were literally bite sized and all are leaner versions of things like meat. Like, the chicken lunch meat I tried was 2 slices are equal to 70 cals. Even if I had one whole slice, 35. I didn't even eat 1/8th of that. Even the sausage was only 200 for a full serving and I literally ate one bite. So, I think 300 is a good estimate.

      As for the Asian food, the Tempura roll wasn't a 'true' tempura roll. And yes, I only ate 2 of the pieces, and it was hard to calculate those two rolls simply because they weren't traditional. The other foods I had an accurate count of. I didn't get half of a 160z. container... I got a quarter. All 4 of us together was only 150z and mine was the smallest. And I go to a place called Orange Leaf. Their yogurt has on average 25 for most yogurts. Even if I had 6 oz., that would be around 150. Then there would be toppings, but I didn't eat a ton of those because well, that is where the cals are! LOL

      But I think the reason I'm not yet at 186 is because I'm thinking about it too hard. I've done well up until now but when I over think, I over stress. Especially in a week where I have date night and girls night. I'm ok with not going down now (see next post) and I'm just going to keep plugging away. I didn't gain overnight and it won't come off overnight. You'd think now that I am down 40lbs. I'd have that figured out! LOL But I'm getting there! Just takes time. :)

  2. Hi Jewlz!I just wanted to thank you for the support and kind words :) You're just one awesome lady! Thank you for being you :) Awesome job on keeping track of food-stuff you inspire me to do the same!

    Have a great week!

  3. hi! It's been a while but I'm so glad that you are still blogging and doing well! :) And it seems that you are been keeping track of your meal recently, which is a fantastic things! I think keeping track of what you eat make you more aware of what you put inside your body. this can benefit you in so many many ways! :)

    I also keep track of my meal on a daily bases, but I use the website called "Myfitnesspal". Before, I just post what I eat on my blog, but now I have an account on myfitnesspal, it made things a little easier for me. This website is very resourceful if you are thinking of keeping track of what you eat. (we can be friends on there too if have an account!)

    But either way, you don't have to do it. I think it's completely fine to post what you eat on your blog too! :) Keep up the great work!


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