Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rain Rain Rain

AARGH.  It's raining.  It's rained all morning.  AND, its suppose to rain for the rest of the day.  Boo.  Boo to all this rain!  I know rain is good for the earth and all that, but do we have to have it in great big doses all at once?  AARGH.  RAIN RAIN RAIN!  I think this means I am stuck inside all day because I am NOT going to drag my little man out in this mess.  I can't even go alone because hubby said he is going to spend the entire day doing school work.  So, I am stuck here all dang day in this mucky yucky rain.  I need to make the best of it.  I need a plan of attack.  I think I'll do some more laundry (don't I almost every day?), I think I'll call the vet to find out about the bordatella(sp?) shot, I need to do some regular pick up and decide on dinner.  Other than that, I know I need a good workout today and I know I need lots of water/liquid, and I know that food needs to be spot on after last night.

How do you all deal with an off plan meal or going out to eat?  I just get back on plan with the next meal.  I enjoy the meal out, but I try to jump right back in ASAP.  I don't punish myself the next day by restricting more than usual or anything.  I just go right back to what I was doing.  I know many people who the following day restrict their cals even more to try to balance out what they had the day before.  I don't do that.  If my calories are a bit lower from food, it's purely my bodies craving and a coincidence and nothing more.  I don't think I did horribly last night.  I know I shouldn't have had the fried noodles or the rangoon, but meh.  It is what it is.  I didn't eat a ton.  I ate mostly the soup and veg.  YUM.  I have leftovers for today.  Today is going to be leftover Wednesday.  So now dinner is decided!  We have tons.  I am going to have the soup for lunch with half of an avocado and maybe some rice.  I think dinner will be whatever meats are leftover and the veggies plus more rice or something.  We will see.  Anyways, I don't do any extra restriction.  It doesn't serve me well to do that.  I seem to get super hungry if I do and it just isn't worth it.

Do you work out extra?  I did think about doing an extra workout today.  I have been known to do two workouts in a day, so it isn't too much of a stretch.  I am thinking about doing the bike, Pilates, and deep stretching.  That would make my total workout time closer to an hour versus just the 30mins.  And I can do the Pilates and stretching now and do bike later after hubbs is done with school work.  :)  But is that a good idea?  Is it good to work out a little bit extra to try to burn off a few extra calories?  Or does it just set you back?  I have to confess... a part of me only wants to because I didn't go for a walk yesterday with the dogs.  I was just too tired and doing too many other little random things.

Oh, and as I expected, weight was up today -- 188.  :O  Sodium is such a bitch.  Soy sauce is just so dang full of sodium!  I tried not to eat a ton of it, but it was there for sure.  I have no idea of what all is in the soup so it probably has a ton of sodium, too.  Guess I better get to chugging water!  Well, after I finish my coffee.  I will have a water or two, a tea, and then more water, and a coffee, then water.  LOL  I'll be lucky not to float away with all the rain!  HA HA HA!

Today's Food:

2 slices of bacon -- 80
2 slices of toast -- 120
1 Tbsp. of butter -- 50
1/2 Tbsp. of honey -- 30
4 oz. of blackberries -- 50
Breakfast Total -- 330
Hmmm... I somehow came in lower this AM.  I think because I had blackberries instead of a pear or apple.  I normally eat berries for breakfast.  Maybe that's why I've been over the last couple of days!

1 c of steamed rice -- 147
1/4c spicey chicken coconut soup ?
1/2 avocado -- 80
1/2 c veggies in white sauce -- ?
Snapple tea -- 10
Lunch total -- ~ 450?
I have no idea.  There was very little soup left and I didn't want to waste it.  I also had some of the veggies but it had a 'white sauce' on it so I have no clue.  I'd say I was right at 450 when all is said and done.

2 soft chocolate chip cookies -- 130
3/4 apple -- 50
Snack total -- 180

1cish green beans -- 40
2 fish filets -- 240
1/2c mashed potatoes -- 140
White cheddar/ranch powder -- 8
1/2 Snapple tea -- 5
Dinner total -- 433
Not bad!  I don't think I had too many green beans... I was probably not actually at one cup but I'd rather OVER estimate than under.  Not sure on the potatoes -- I feel like it was less than that, but meh, I'd just rather over than under.  Overall, pretty happy with that!

Popcorn -- 420
SF syrup -- 15
Dessert Total -- 435
My total was probably closer to 350, but I had no measurements of what my hubby ate out of my bowl.  And it was my bad that I had that many.  I had the numbers for AIR POPPED popcorn in my head and then it hit me that I was eating micro popcorn which has WAY more calories.  UGH.  So, I screwed that up ALL ON MY OWN!  AARGH!  I'm normally so diligent.  Anyways, hubbs ate some of the popcorn and I know I didn't use a full serving of the syrup.  But still.  I'm bummed.

Today's Total -- ~1828

I'm a bit disappointed, but not overly.  I rounded up, and only went over by about 200 cals.  NOT BAD as I originally thought.  Glad I'm writing this all down or I'd be feeling like CRAP.  On a good note, I did a few things today even with feeling yucky and hating the weather.  AND, I got in TWO workouts!  TWO!  I did a full round of Pilates, deep stretching, AND 30mins on the bike.  GO ME!  And did I mention I've been drinking water like I was a fish?  AND I had two teas today?  AND another almost black tea?  Plus some coffee?  I've drunk so much liquid I really do feel like a fish!  LOL  Hopefully come Saturday I will be flushed out and I will see that glorious 186 again... or lower.  :D.  OK, it's late and I need to get to bed.  NIGHT!

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