Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The shape of a woman

Sorry about yesterday.  I just got tired and ran out of time!  So, here I am back today doing this again and hoping that I get the original thoughts out of my head.  But I do have a lot to do, so who knows.  And even though I had planned on sorta taking today off (exercise wise) its such a nice day out that I may try to get out and walk both dogs.  It's only about a mile or a mile and a half, but a walk is a walk!  And it really IS a nice day out.  Plus... we know we're going out for dinner tonight so extra exercise would be good.  We're having Chinese and I already know what I am going to have.  So... yeah.

The thing is, I kinda hate to go out now.  Why?  Because after days and days of 187.5 or 187, I got 186 this AM.  EVIL SCALE!  How you torture me!  I'm happy, duh, but still!  I'm half a pound lower than I was at the last 'official' weigh-in!  It's like it knew I was going out tonight so it decided to mess with me and give me a lower number.  AARGH.  Not that I plan on eating like a bear or anything, but still.  I know that Asian style foods are usually pretty high in sodium.  Their saving grace is their lean meats and TONS of veggies.  What I plan on getting is a hot and spicy chicken coconut soup.  It is SO good!  I'll probably only have that and some rice (steamed) and maybe a side of veggies.  YUM.  I'll drink either green tea or water.  I guess I better be drinking a lot of water today to get me good and floaty.  Although, I don't know if that really works.  Meh.

So, I guess you're wondering about my title.  It's simple.  I'm addicted to a new site called, 'The Shape of a Mother'.  I tell ya, it really gets you thinking reading all of the stories there and seeing all of the pics.  Essentially, it shows women in all stages of life, but mostly during and after pregnancy.  The whole point of the page is because so many women hate their bodies after pregnancy and think that their Mom bods aren't attractive.   And it really got me to thinking about how over the years (yeah, all 32 almost 33 of mine) how people have really changed.  My Granny nor my Mother ever seemed to 'hate' their bodies.  But I see it so frequently now that its insane to me -- this absolute and total disgust that women have not only with their Mom bods, but their bodies in general.  And I just don't get it.  At all.  Don't get me wrong, I don't love every inch of my body every day, but I don't think I hate anything.  Not even after I've had kids.  Are my breasts a bit saggy from nursing?  Yes, but overall, they're good.  Is my lower tummy a bit mushy and stretch marked and saggy?  Sure -- but it's my baby pouch!  Its just part of it!  Do I have some big ol' stretchies on my hips?  Why yes!  I do dislike them quite a bit, but I don't 'hate' my body there.  I don't think I'm an ugly and hideous disfigurement.  And I don't get these girls who are like 22 and hate themselves.  I feel like saying to them, sweets, you gotta lotta life left to be hating yourself so much!  I just don't get it.  I don't.

Now, let me be clear, I get that everyone has their own issues and all that.  And for those who have been morbidly obese, it can be a whole different mindset.  And I'm not making a judgment on plastic surgery or whatever.  I just think its sad that otherwise normal women are literally beating themselves up for no longer having perfect bodies.  Because these women really have a skewed view!  What on EARTH are we doing to each other as a society that a woman is now damaged goods after babies?  If they aren't perfect before babies?  If they don't bounce back and have a perfect body immediately?  I guess I've always known this, but this site kicked it into high gear for me because before, I never really realized just HOW many women/girls hate themselves and how extreme it has gotten.  And its sad and sickening.  If you get a chance, please check out the website and pass it on.  Please realize that no ones body is perfect and that all the Hollywood jazz is just that -- a song and dance act that IS NOT REAL.  Please know, that real women are beautiful -- mothers and not -- and its OK to have droopy boobs, a saggy belly, or stretch marks because we are REAL WOMEN.  Not these airbrushed and pampered 'elite'.  Pssh..  More like bullshit if you ask me.  Most of these women you see aren't any prettier than any other -- they just happen to be super tall or super thin or whatever. 

Today's Food

2 slices Kroger multigrain bread -- 120
1 Tbsp. butter -- 50
Drizzle of honey -- 30
1 pear -- 100
3 slices of bacon -- 160
Black coffee with aspartame -- 0
Breakfast Total -- 460
Eeks!  A bit high.  :/  I guess I should've only had 2 slices of bacon which would've had my cals at 420.  Oh well.  Meh.

1 Kids Beefaroni -- 230
1 slice of Kroger multigrain toast -- 60
1/2 Tbsp. butter blend --  25
Lunch Total -- 315
Heh.  I think this makes up for Breakfast!  And I wasn't really trying.  I just ate what sounded good.  If I get hungry, I'm going to either have some cucumber with dip or maybe some berries.  But for right now, I'm good and drinking water.  Better go take that vitamin!  :O  Ok DONE!  WOOT!

1 fruit and grain bar -- 140
Coffee -- 0
Snack Total -- 140

5 fried noodles
2 or 3 crab rangoons
2 bowls of spicey chicken coconut soup (small)
steamed rice and veggies
Small bowl of frozen yogurt in red velvet and English toffee with a quick drizzle of butterscotch, some cherries, 6 mini bites cookie dough pieces, 1/2 tbsp. crushed peanuts, and 4 waffle pieces.

No idea of totals for dinner and dessert, but I am definitely full!  SO GOOD.  I really should've worked out today!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I completely agree with you. It breaks my heart that so many women and girls STILL believe that their highest value is.... drumroll... how they look. Why does America subtly teach its daughters that their looks are the most important thing? Those pictures of models- well, THEY don't even look like that in real life. After all the air brushing and image tampering what is left is a cartoonish bizarre fantasy image. Women end up hating their bodies, and constantly rejecting themselves; they spend lifetimes trying to fit into a ridiculous mold. OBVIOUSLY, I am not saying that we should all be morbidly obese and never workout, but the unhealthy obsession and the attempts to control and punish ourselves for our "incorrect bodies" is so scary.
    Working at the birth center in Sarasota was so inspiring in that I got to see women of all sizes and all stages of pregnancy (and labor too), and I was constantly thinking how beautiful they all were. Seriously. Seeing naked breasts and bellies and vaginas all the time made me realize how amazingly strong women are- how POWERFUL our bodies are and how wonderfully all our parts serve us. Why dislike those parts and disrespect ourselves? Why not focus on careers, hobbies, community service, strong friendships, and taking care of ourselves? Why put every extra ounce of energy into what we need to look like? Ever notice how confident, secure, strong women are always beautiful when you see them- no matter what their shape is?
    Oh boy, I got off on a ramble there. :) I was just feeling inspired by that super cool website, and happy that you posted it.

  2. OMG! I'm not the kinda person who types things like "OMG", but I love that shapeofamother site.

  3. I love your post and your site. It looks like you did a great job of enjoying your Chinese food without going crazy. I wish I could do that.
    I have to do some thinking about this shape of a woman thing. I've lived with the judgement for so long it's ingrained. Even though I don't "accept" it and would never allow it into my daughter's inner world... I think I still have kept judging myself based on those standards. And I only realized this justs now, reading Didi's blog and then yours.
    Now I'm off to the shapeofamother site for more revelations.
    Peace, and hugs
    have a great day!


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