Saturday, January 19, 2013


Happy to report that the scale read 186.5.  And I'm super happy to report that because yesterday was a ROUGH day for me.  I was so tired and achy and craving all sorts of bad things.  But I just kept drinking my water and coffee and pushed through.  I guess it paid off!  :D  But other than that, not sure what to make of my day.  I wiped down the fridge, I laid out meat for dinner, I did some dishes and some laundry, and tried to read a bit.  I even picked up toys (big shock).  I then attempted to work on another photo project but couldn't get into it.  Mostly because I couldn't decide what I wanted to show in that frame.  It's a multi pic frame so I was thinking all family shots but then decided I think I would like one of just friends and family.  Decisions decisions...  Showed the hubby how I edited the one photo and cropped the other, and he was impressed considering I used Paint.  I don't have Photoshop. It could use a bit more, but for now I am pleased.  :)  I didn't do anything major but crop them down and in the one photo, there is an extra person in the background that I rubbed out. 

Anyways, my point is I never worked out.  My shoulders were all sore and cramped and the hubby tried to rub them out last night when he got home.  But they still feel sore this AM.  I'm not sure why they are all cramped up, but it's not comfy.  The rubbing has relieved it some, but they sure are tight.  But I never worked out.  I just couldn't muster it up.  The weather is nice today, so I'm thinking I may take the doggies for a little walk.  That would be good for all of us!  LOL  Other than that, really no plans except for maybe some laundry.  Laundry has become almost an everyday thing since I try to do a little bit all the time so it doesn't pile up.  Its just easier that way.  I take it all down every few days so none of the baskets pile up, I sort, and whichever bin is full gets done that day.  I am thinking of doing the dog bedding today, but then again, I want to get the dogs groomed so I will wait and do that then.  Hopefully this week.  They STINK!  Long haired dogs stink when the weather is this wet.  Time for a trim and a bath!  LOL

So, its looking like a somewhat boring day for me.  We have some friends coming into town and we had wanted to go out with them and maybe some shopping, but my sitter isn't answering her phone right now.  I bet she had to work to make up yesterday since so many places were closed due to the weather Thurs. night.  :(  Sorta bummed.  It would be nice to get some adult time!  Maybe I could ask the neighbor?  I hate to do that to her, though.  She's prego and got two kiddies of her own.  But it would only be for about 4hrs. total... and we could repay them with dinner or watching their kiddos... Hmmm... maybe I will ask them.  Ok, off I go.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Ok, I just thought of this because of the part in your post where you wrote that you laid out meat for dinner (so it is connected to your post, even if it kinda seems like it isn't)
    - do you ever cook with a crock pot or crock pots? I was wondering because my friend just did this thing where she prepped and then froze 20 crock pot meals all in one day. They are in labeled freezer bags, so that when she is busy she can just throw one in the crock pot in the morning. I thought- damn, that's like the best idea ever. People with kids should all know about this!! Ha, so I thought of you. It saves money too because you can buy stuff in bulk to make a bunch of meals. We're going to try it out on a much smaller scale to see how many pre made and frozen crock pot meals we can actually fit in our freezer. Prolly not twenty, but maybe ten or so. Anyway- it just made me think of you.

    1. I've seen that but I have yet to do it! Usually when I do a crock pot meal, I just throw in a bunch of stuff and cook it all day and eat it. LOL Usually a roast, stew, chili, or something like that. I guess I could pre-make them, but right now my freezers are full of meat! We buy half a cow each year and then pork and chicken when it is on sale. Although, we are fairly low on stuff now like chicken. Our goal is to eat all of that up before we re-stock. :) But yeah, I've seen that and it would be a great idea to do!


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