Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday fun day!

What a day!  I got up late this AM after the hubby gave me a good massage last night.  So good, that at some point I literally passed out!  He said he kept rubbing until my muscles smoothed out.  I could tell because I woke up floaty this AM.  LOL  It was so funny!  But it was wonderful once I got use to it.  However, I was very reluctant to do anything today.  VERY.  And I will confess that I didn't work on ANY projects yesterday or today and I did not work out yesterday.  And yesterday.... I also had pizza and cake.  :O  OK, it was a healthier version of pizza and I only had 1.5slices and salad (plus some bruschetta).  It was a birthday party so I had a piece of cake.  I also had a piece today!  BUT, I did walk the dog around the the new loop twice and then tried out the neighbors new recumbent bike to burn 125 cals.  SO, I think I did ok.  It was plain white cake with icing so I don't think too bad.  I'd say 250 cals. for what I had.  Maybe 300.  But I had smaller meals yesterday and today plus the two workouts to help balance it out.  And tonight, I'm skipping dessert to have a glass of wine.  YUM.  Weight this AM:  187.5. 

I don't really have much to talk about tonight... Sorry!  HA!  Just been a sorta busy weekend and well... all I've done is hang out with the neighbors, hang with the fam, and chill.  Along with a bit of housework.  Just no projects.  I'll get back to it this week.  I feel like a bad blogger, but what can I say?  Just nothing to write about today!  ;)  Hope everyone's weekend was great!

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  1. I need to get my boyfriend to read this post. Your husband is such a sweetheart and you DESERVE IT!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend :). Perfect weekends are relaxing ones.


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