Friday, January 18, 2013

I got up didn't I?

So, I'm dragging like a dogs butt with worms today.  I'm groggy.  :/  But I got up, got the kiddos some breakfast, and myself some, too.  I'm drinking and eating, but I don't feel like doing much else.  But I will.  Eventually, I will get up and be productive.  I hope.

Yesterday was a very good day for me.  I got a lot done and was super proud of myself.  I worked out, I got my bills paid, I balanced both checkbooks, I did some laundry, AND, I scrubbed down my micro and my stove/oven!  The oven will need another go around, but then again we use our oven a lot so it always seems to need to be cleaned.  I don't like the 'self cleaning' function.  I feel like it wastes a ton of energy.  So, we use Easy Off or Greased Lightning.  I'm not sure out of the 3 which is more environmentally friendly...  Anyways, I got it all done and I was very proud of myself!  We had pizza for dinner, but I was conscious of portions and had some fruit with mine.  It was a Costco frozen pizza and it was better than the Digiorno!  Which sorta was shocking since we like those pretty well.  I know pizza isn't the 'best' option, but it's cheaper and healthier than eating out.  Plus, it's easier to watch portion sizes.  Overall, I was VERY happy with it and glad that I took the plunge and bought it.  Next time I think I may get just the cheese version so that we can add our own toppings.  I like plain pepperoni, but I also like a lot of other veggies and things.  So, plain cheese would let us add our own. 

My workout was good yesterday and I was super happy I was able to get it in.  About 10mins. in, the kids started fussing so I told them they had to come downstairs.  Oldest went back up, but youngest stayed and played so all was well.  I got in 35mins. on the recumbent on the Level 4 Interval.  I struggled at the end, but pushed through and was proud of myself!  Slowly but surely getting into the groove.  Not going to do bike today, though.  Going to shoot to do Pilates and some weights.  Maybe some stretching since my back is all achy today.

Other than working out, I hope to give the inside of my fridge a decent wiping down since I didn't get that done yesterday.  Nothing too in depth, but it needs to be done since it is starting to get a little yucky.  I also want to do some reading since I haven't much over the last couple of days.  I've just been busy busy busy.  Other than that, maybe a bit more laundry ( I seem to do a little every day), and work some more on a project.  I finished one last night other than printing it and I don't want to do that until I have more to photos to print.  But just getting the photos chosen, 2 of them edited (there was another kid in the background of one that I took out.  heh heh heh!), and in order is good progress.  I hope to get a few more together today and print them all at once.  Then all I will need is a trip to Target to pick them up.  Yes, I use Target.  Had too many bad experiences at the other places around here.  Not that it couldn't happen at Target, but I go there for other stuff anyways so its easy just to get stuff while I am there.

I have also decided to cannibalize a few of the frames I put up as part of my practice in the hallway.  You see, I like to practice hang things before I put photos in them so that I can make sure I like the layout before I go and chop up photos.  These frames are some that I got on clearance at Target years and years ago.  I never really had a place to use them until here so I busted them out.  Well, they are they kind that can either sit on something or hang and well, they don't hang well.  So, instead of using them in my main hallway, I am going to take them down and use them downstairs for kid art.  They really aren't made all that well and every time someone slams a door or runs or anything, they go crooked or fall.  So, time to use them downstairs!  I will pull the stands off of some to hang and use a double hanging method for balance or I will use them sitting up.  Since they are cheaply made (and its showing after a couple of months) I will probably let the kiddos decorate them, too.  Its no great loss because I could tell when I took them out of the box that they weren't the best frames.  But back when I bought them, we were military and moving around and well, you don't want to invest tons of money into stuff that could very well get broken in your next move.  And this actually works out because now I can buy some pretty frames that I really love and not keep scrounging for cheap frames for the kiddos room and artwork.  Plus... its gonna be fun to decorate them!  Hmmm... new frames... where to look?  Decisions decisions... LOL

Oh oh!  Weight this AM was once again 187.5.  It flashed 187 first then bumped up to 187.5.  Glad that it was just water.  I gotta be more careful about getting all of my water in so that something like a little soup doesn't bloat me to high heaven.  That is exactly why I don't freak out over little fluctuations -- it's usually just water or something. 

Well, I guess I better get off of here.  I want to read a bit and then I need to get to work on this house.  Plus, I need to lay something out for dinner.  I've been craving Asian style food so I am thinking of looking up a recipe on my friend Grace's page.  She always has such awesome recipes!  NOM NOM NOM.  Or Mary's page... hmmm... gonna check them both out!  YAHOO!

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  1. Even though you're dragging you seem chipper and cheery.


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