Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not much to post...

I don't have much to post tonight.  Food was pretty good but skipping dessert tonight because I am afraid I went over a tiny bit at lunch with my friend.  But I had a smaller snack to balance it out.  Dinner was a bit more than usual, but I'm feeling ok.  I still think I was really close if not right on.  But right now, I'm not feeling hungry because I ate late so I don't think I need those cals.  I feel like I should just go on to bed soon.  I'm not overly tired, but I feel like since youngest is down, I might as well be heading that way soon, too.  I didn't have a crazy day, but I did stay busy.  Got up early to take younger to the kid gym and he wouldn't participate at all.  So, I left there with my friend and we headed on to Costco.  Oh man, we spent SO much moola!  But at least we got a bunch of healthy food!  Ok, I got ONE bad food, but the rest was healthy!  I bought some mini biscotti -- salted caramel with chocolate.  Only 70 cals each, so great for a little snack with some coffee.  YUM.

After Costco, we got home, unloaded and did lunch.  I got oldest off of the bus and then came home to see the hubbs for a bit.  I got dishes, some clean-up, dinner, youngers bath and then them off to bed.  I guess I WAS pretty busy.  I never got a workout it.  I really should do one before bed, I know.  But so far, I'm not feeling it.  BAD GIRL, I know.  Weight this AM was 188.5.  So... I should be wanting to workout.  But it's after 10 now and I'm just about ready to hit the bed -- not the gym.  UGH.  I really should because I had such a good week last week (3lbs. down) and now I'm back up 2.  So, I should WANT to do more, but I'm like, meh.  I don't know what that 186.5 was.  I'm happy that I saw 188.5 this AM rather than 189.5 again.  But I'm disappointed that it wasn't lower.  One of those things though, ya know?  So, not really freaking out either way.  It is what it is.

Ok ok.  I'm going to go now.  I need to go to bed soon.  That may be why my weight is all over the place.  Wine, too much salt, and not enough sleep.  But tomorrow is another day.  Onward and hopefully downward!  ;)

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