Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not much

Not much to write about today.  I didn't do much and just decided to take it easy.  So, other than leaving for karate and making dinner, I didn't do much today.  Tomorrow is errands.  I need to go to both stores, pay the car payment, and pay a couple of bills.  FUN FUN.  But its gotta be done.  I'm actually looking forward to the store because I'm going to Costco.  I can't help it -- I just love that place!  I love going there and getting stuff.  I'm not sure why.  But I am excited to go none-the-less.  I'm even excited about the regular store.  Maybe its because I did clean out the fridge tonight.  LOL  I ate up some leftovers that were on the brink, and then I went through some of the jarred things and condiments and cleared those out.  But here's the thing... we've decided to eat our freezer clean.  I also plan on going through my pantry and cleaning some of the older stuff out.  Our downstairs freezer is starting to look pretty thin, and that is a good thing!  But I am making the decision to try not to buy anything that I already have some of.  Like, meat.  I bought porkchops because we had NO pork.  But I've not bought really any other meat.  I want to get some of this meat cleared out.  The upstairs freezer, believe it or not, has been the hardest.  I think that I need to go through it and organize it again.  I think that is the main problem.  And fish.  There's a lot of frozen fish in there that when I bought, I had big plans for.  But since then, I've only eaten it once and it was boring and bland.  I typically prefer fresh fish, but to be honest, I'm in TN so really the only fresh fish is catfish.  BLEH.  Heh.  So, did a quick search and found several fish from frozen recipes that were quick, easy, and cheap.  Yay me!  So, now I know what we will be having for dinner soon!  YAY!

Weight this AM was 189.5.  Hmmm... No idea why I've gone back up.  But we will see.  Was pretty spot on today even if I didn't work out.  I may just be bloated from food/wine still.  But that is ok.  The week is young.  I guess my week ends now on Saturday?  Or begins?  Whatever.  That's the day I began on this time so I guess I will stick with it.  Oh you know, my legs are sore... wonder if my muscles are mad from 2 workouts in one day?  Both that were a lot of legs?  OOps!  HA!  No worries -- don't care.  I enjoyed it!

Ok.  It is after midnight.  I gotta get to bed.  G'night peeps!

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  1. I don't think we have Costco around here. I love grocery shopping though, and so does the boyfriend, so we always go together. We are SO SLOW when we shop together though. He's a slow shopper, and I'm also kind of a putz, so combined it takes us an eternity to grocery shop.


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