Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Harder than you think...

It's harder than you think not to eat when you are tired.  Really hard.  I was SO hungry last night after all the drama that I wanted to eat, but instead I had a warm cup of coffee, some water, some quiet time and went to bed.  I know that was the right route, but it didn't mean that I wasn't tired beyond my brains. That was AFTER I had worked out -- 42mins. on my bike.  :)  I showered, stayed up to give oldest meds, and then we had a creeper in the neighborhood and it was freakville for like, 30mins.  After all the excitement, it took me like, 2hrs. to get chilled out!  So, it was around 4AM before everyone was settled, quiet and so on.  I am TIRED today.  TIRED.  I am going to try hard not to eat from exhaustion today.

3 choco donuts -- 306
3 slices of bacon -- 120
Coffee -- 0
Breakfast total -- 426

14 BIG cheese crackers -- 150
2tbsps. crunchy pb -- 190
1 apple -- 100
Lunch total -- 440
Hmm... I see a trend here.  Gotta nip it in the bud.  I know I'm tired but that is not an excuse to eat willy nilly.  I went over yesterday and apparently I went over at least one other day due to the avocado.  So, I need to be more on my game.  Although I will admit to being somewhat meh about it today.  I KNOW that is the exhaustion speaking.

2 Truebliss strawberries -- 75
8 crackers -- 70
coffee -- 0
Snack Total -- 145

2.5oz filet steak -- 155
1/2c. green beans -- 20
4oz. white rice w/gravy -- 165
Dinner total --  340

OK, went back and I only saw one day where I had an avocado in the last week.  I guess that is good.  Now I know.  Now I don't feel quite so stressed.  I think overall, that isn't bad.  Now I will quit being upset about it.  LOL

What I NEED to do is use up some of the vast amounts of fruit and stuff I have.  Seriously.  I have 3 pears, a mango, 4 avocados, 2 bananas and about 5 servings of yogurt about to go bad.  I am starting to think I should calm down with Costco.  LOL  I just get so excited to go in there and see all the nummy stuff!  LOL  So, I need to find a way to use everything up...  I am thinking I may use some of the yogurt and the bananas to make blueberry banana nut muffins with dark chocolate chunks.  It is our anniversary and I know hubby would like them.  :)  The pears, mango, and maybe some more of the yogurt I think would make really yummy ice cream.  I wonder if I could throw an avocado in there?  I could puree it all and then mix it all and freeze it.  What do you think? I could probably eat another avocado with dinner tonight and that would only leave 2 avocado.  I need to check over this roasted chicken we have and see that I've gotten most of the meat -- I am thinking of boiling it to make my own broth which I could freeze.  Or make soup and freeze.  Busy busy busy I need to be but tired tired tired I am.

Here is the recipe I adapted to make use of the pears, 2 of the about to expire strawberry Greek yogurts, and some mango nectar that I still have about half a gallon of -- which I may make into mango sorbet!  YUM!
3 pears -- 300
2 greek yogurts -- 80
1/4c Splenda -- 24
1/4c. Mango nectar -- 35
1tsp. vanilla extract -- 12
1/2c. 2% milk --  60
6 servings = 511
1 serving = 85

This is what I had for dessert!  I believe I have right at 3 servings left since I gave the boys some and I had about 3/4c which would be 1.5 servings.  Not too shabby!  I also had 1/2tsp. of semi sweet mini chocolate chips which is about 16 cals.  So, that would make my total right around 145ish.  I also had 2 gummy fruit things my toddler fed me and one penne noodle when I was testing my home-made mac-n-cheese.  And yes, I restrained from eating anything else!  :D  Total for today is 1496.  And unless I have some weird and craziness come on, that will be it for me for today.

I didn't do the chicken or use the avocados today.  I'm just too tired.  I also didn't use the banana up because my hubby ate one and my kiddo ate part of the other.  I may still make it, but I will use some frozen bananas that I horded when they were insanely on sale.  HEE HEE HEE!  I also ate up some leftovers so now my fridge is starting to look startlingly clean!  I try really hard not to waste food, but last week was a major fail.  I had 3 whole cucumbers and mushrooms.  I can't remember what else but that is what comes to mind first.  I felt SO bad about he cucumbers!  I bought them at Costco not realizing that I had already bought some and we hadn't eaten them!  I almost returned them but thought, meh, I'll find a way to use them and then totally forgot about them.  :/  And then there was maybe 1/3 of a gallon of almond milk.  I just wasn't in the mood for it.  I don't do a lot of the milk stuff anymore.  Which is why I didn't buy more at the store.  Overall, not horrid, but I feel bad wasting food.  REALLY bad.  I think its the result of growing up with a Granny who lived through the Depression.  It eats at my BRAIN!

Heh.  Went to bed.  Good calorie day!  :D


  1. Avocados are so yummy and full of good fats so I always have it on hand. It's a good replacement for cheese or mayo for different dishes that's for sure. Adds the creaminess without all the bad fats.

    I'm like you when it comes to Costco. I swear I'm a food hoarder. I'm happiest when my fridge and pantry is full LOL

    Great job tracking and have a great day. Love what you wrote on my blog!

  2. Hmm, using avocado in the ice cream is an interesting idea. It's creamy and the flavor isn't overpower or anything, so it might work. Yum, now I want avocado.
    We just went grocery shopping last night, and I felt pretty bad because I had to throw out a cucumber that I totally forgot about. I stopped buying cucumbers regularly because it is the vegetable that I never remember. I picked one up at the store last time we went, and then had to throw it out. Dang it!! Cucumbers and I aren't meant to live together under the same roof, I guess.
    I love having a stocked pantry, and a full fridge. Makes me feel all happy and domestic.


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