Thursday, February 21, 2013


Went to bed at around 12:30 last night and slept until around 9:30.  My oldest is still sick so he is at home again today, and he is STILL piled up in the bed.  I am going to get him up at 11.  He needs meds and to eat even if he doesn't think he does.  Plus, man alive is his schedule off.  I did get a few calls during the night.  One from hubby to check on us after the creeper yesterday and one from my SIL.  The guy she is talking now has a Mom who has been very sick.  She passed away this morning.  My poor SIL... she has dealt with so much stuff.  Her husband passed away over the Summer who had been VERY sick and fighting cancer.  She says she knows she was suppose to be in this other person's life to help them through this.  Honestly, she has to be one of the strongest women I know.  My Mom would be another.  She may not take care of herself, but she has taken care of so many others and I know it was hard on her.  I don't know what I would do in their situations.  I have tried to help and support them.  I know I can't be them, and I don't think that's my purpose, but I do try to support them.  I know to say it is weird, but I do feel like my job in this life is to be a support.  And honestly, I don't mind it.  That's what my mindset is and its a wonderful gift that God has given me and I hope to continue to use it.

On another topic, I have decided I want to try to grow some avocado plants from my avocado seeds.  :)  I think my son will really enjoy it!  I'm not great with plants.  I wish I was, but I'm just not.  I've tried growing things but I am just HORRID at it.  Which sucks.  My Mom and Dad are pretty good at it now and my Granny was amazing!  Even my hubby has done darn well.  But me... I can't really grow anything.  :/  I'm going to keep trying, but I'm just not good at it unfortunately.  I don't expect to grow avocados, but I did read that they make nice houseplants and prefer shade.  So... gonna give it a go!  Figured it can't hurt.  LOL

Today's Food:

2 slices of toast -- 120
1tbsp. butter blend -- 50
Drizzle of honey -- 30
3 slices of bacon -- 120
2oz. blackberries -- 24
2oz. raspberries -- 29
coffee -- 0
Breakfast Total = 373
Yum yum!  I think I'm going to be on a honey kick.  It takes SO very little honey to be satisfying!  I am also proud of myself for eating the last of the raspberries.  They weren't the greatest since they were getting a bit mushy, but they were mostly good and went well with the blackberries.  Something else that wasn't wasted!  YAY ME!

2 slices of bread -- 120
1 serving spinach dip -- 40
2 slices of turkey -- 60
8 multi-crackers -- 70
1 cara cara orange -- 65
water -- 0
Lunch total --  355
OMG.  Greek yogurt spinach dip from Costco on my turkey sandwich was AMAZING.  Guess what's for lunch again???  YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!! 

1 Hershey's dark chocolate square --  I can't remember -- will check when I can get back to Costco (hopefully today!)
This was all I had for snack.  I was running around, it sounded good, so I ate it up!  YUM.

6oz spaghetti -- 269
1/2c. sauce (Victorias) -- 70
1 slice toast with 1/2tsp. garlic butter -- 85
Dinner total -- 424
I actually only ate 4oz. of pasta with sauce at dinner and then I had the last couple of ounces before bed.  I was still hungry, they were there and easy and I figured better that than another cupcake.  LOL

1 choco/avocado cupcake with icing -- 150
OH YEAH!  I subbed out avocado for oil in these cupcakes and made them a bit smaller (making 24 instead of 12) and they were FAB.  Suggestions said to add more water, but I don't think they needed more water.  I did add a bit more and they were a tiny bit wet and fell when I went to check them.  I won't add anything extra next time and it was a direct sub 1:1.  Hey look!  PICS!  HA

 It looked a bit weird mixing the avocado in, and if I had it to do over I would probably mash the avocado better or even puree it with the water and eggs that go in the cake and then add it all at once to the mix.
 They came out pretty good!  You can see that a few of them collapsed -- I would say that is from the excess moisture.  :/
Pretty cupcakes!  I made the hubby's orange since I wanted the purple.  Hee hee hee!

That's it.  That is all I had for the day and it was a good day.  :)  Without the Hershey's square that I can't remember the cals for, I was right at 1300.  So for the day, I was probably at 1400.  I did a LOT of running around and errands so I'm kinda glad I didn't get a chance to workout.  Only kinda.

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  1. I love that you are going to plant an avocado pit. We did that with my mom when we were little. Haas avocados won't ever fruit, but the plants are pretty.
    Did you know that there are some other really fun produce plants that you can grow from kitchen stuff? The end stump of your celery (which is the part we don't use anyway) will grow a new head of celery that is edible. A stump of romaine lettuce does the same. It would be fun to try those out with your kids. Cloves of garlic grow well (one clove will produce around ten to twenty new cloves after the plant withers) too. A carrot will make a pretty plant, but won't grow new carrots. Still fun though. I think I also heard that you can plant the top of a pineapple, but I never tried that. We currently have some onions that sprouted growing in the windowsill. ;)


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